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help guys!
my baby suffered from second degree burns and after being treated at the hospital, i'm left to change the dressing on my own at home. i can't go to the hospital kase everyday just for having it changed eh. the first problem is, the gause i bought stuck to the skin. so i learned online that there is such a thing as non stick gauze. i went to mercury drug kanina but they don't have it. any idea where i can get it and if it's available in the market? thanks!!!*okay*


  • francie23francie23 fulltime mommy! PExer
    NEXCARE? sige sige. i'll try that. thanks po! =)
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    ^Please ask your doctor if it's okay to moisten/wet the qauze first with Saline solution ( which you can easily buy from drugstores), then slowly remove the old gauze, dry the area (as it has now become wet because of saline) with extra gauze, then apply new gauze. Ask your doctor first if it's okay, baka kasi hindi pwede.

    Saline is basically water with a little salt. Since we're dealing with a baby, it would probably be best to buy commercially prepared saline, as this will ensure the saline will be clean, so as to not further irritate the wound.

    My mother's a medical doctor. One of the things I learned from her is that you should never ever use scissors to remove bandages on babies, as this could easily injure the baby or you could easily cut off a body part.

    By the way, text lingo ( the way we spell words when we text on our mobile phones) is not allowed here in Pinoyexchange. We would sincerelly appreciate it if all words posted are spelled correctly, as this makes them easier to read.

    Good luck.

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