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Majority of the members of religious groups belong to the Masses

Ice BurnIce Burn Conflicting Karma PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
Ever notice that the majority of the members of El Shaddai, Iglesia ni Kristo, Born-again groups and so forth belong to the masses. Observe their gatherings. Try to sit in one for good measure. Sometimes, I just want to stand up and yell at their pastors, bros. or whatever just to say, will you stop fooling the people. They're fools to begin with and fooling them some more is the worst!

One thing is that they are so gullible. When I say so gullible, I men to the point that they will drink cyanide for their leader.

For instance, INK requires that their members give up 10% of their income to INK. They require the men to sit away from the women since women are the source of temptation and such. Felix Manalo also became filthy rich.

El Shaddai has a similar practice with regards to income. It isn't known exactly how much the members are required to give. Must be a lot since Mike Velarde has been building a string of mansions, his latest in Ayala Alabang in Madrigal Ave. He demands that they catch the white "blessed" by him handkerchiefs, open their umbrellas and try to catch blessings and all sorts of dumb catch clessings from God ploys. A con artist at work.

Maybe Marx was right -- Religion is opium for the masses.


  • dagobertdagobert I TEGO ARCANA DEI PExer
    i think this is more of a case of turning to something in times of hopelessness and despair . . . people rely on something supernatural or whatever because they have given up hope in their earthly existence . . .
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL procrastination specialist PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    One thing muna about INK. That was what I thought too. But my friend who is part of that said that it's not true. It's like the Catholic Church wherein u give what u can or what u only want. It doesn't require u to do that 10% thing. And my friend says they see where the money goes naman e, see the churches they have, and they are always kept so nice. Kaya nga nagaganahan sila magbigay kasi they see where their money goes.

    I don't know much na about other religions. I, too, think that what Velarde is doing is kinda dumb.

    Well, blame that on our politicians, they like to keep our masses dumb. Come to think of it, so do the religions here, so that they'll be easier to manipulate. Hmmm...

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