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Xmas Gifts for Parents

6 days left.... I still don't have any idea what to give them.. I have no idea what their hobbies are... How about something general for the both of 'em.. any suggestions???

This will be greatly appreciated... Thanks in Advance!


  • A bouquet of fresh flowers wud be jus sweet... :)
  • dsound: thanks!! it's okay even though it won't last very long? I mean.. I always think that xmas gifts should be memorable.. but that's a good suggestion
  • but flowers could be preserved?? it may not last that long but it would like make someone feel so special... why dont you try to find out what your mom loves collecting like home furnitures, shoes, bags, perfumes, etc... same as ur dad's...with this you would have an idea what to give them...probably try sneaking inside their room or their closet... but i thinky flowers would be still so sweet and memorable too..you could like do a lot of things naman with bouquet of flowers eh and not just giving a bunch of it wrapped in a foil :D
  • we gave my mom a two-in-one bday-christmas gift. trip to singapore. she really loved it.
  • Originally posted by f0r5aK3n
    6 days left.... I still don't have any idea what to give them.. I have no idea what their hobbies are... How about something general for the both of 'em.. any suggestions???

    u don't have any idea of your parents' hobbies????
  • give them books of their interests, or perhaps a blown up portrait of the whole family (or just the parents) which they could hang up in the house.
  • thoughts...since they supposedly count...

  • **commercial** maybe you guys can join the Boombayan.com contest - "What will you give your parents this Christmas?" (even ideas are welcome)

    You can answer here

    My personal suggestions: why don't you give your parents a night lamp for their room? or tickets to a Christmas concert? ( am not sure if they are into music though)
  • you could give them something that you could use around the house (makinabang pa kayong lahat). :D A washing machine or dishwasher maybe? kung budget ang problema, why don't you jez offer to do the housechores on christmas day? o kaya you cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for them on christmas? or better yet, you be their slave/alalay the entire day?! :);):p
  • ako, palagi ko nireregalo, libro...

    like nung bday ng mom ko, i gave her books 1-3 ng harry potter.:D
  • a toolbox for my dad and new shoes for my mom.
  • a diamond necklace for my mom
    a watch for my dad
  • if you have a pic of your dad and mom together, you can have someone do a caricature of them. i think there are a lot of shops around that do caricatures. maybe your dad a la cary grant and your mom, scarlett o'hara?
  • Why not give your parents an aromatherapy oil burner set for their room? I have sets up for sale, P350 only, with discounts for volume orders. Each set includes an aromatherapy oil burner, tea light candle, and potpourri, all wrapped in a gift box. Makes a great gift =)
  • Where can i buy a Fondue set na mura lang? mga less than P1500. Yoko yung steel lahat ha! Yung ceramic mas maganda eh...
  • Baboi_admu: last year, i found a nice darkwood-and-steel fondue set, and i bought to as a gift for a friend's wedding. i think it cost something like P1500. believe it or not, i found it inside ronbinsons department store =)
  • A collage of assorted family pictures, such as your (and your sibling's) baby photos, and other memorable occasions. Maybe you can even dig in and find some of their baby pics!

    Don't need the negatives, just bring them to KODAK Image Magic and have them cropped, resized and reproduced there. You can even have them all done in sepia, for uniformity.

  • Originally posted by the_FLY
    thoughts...since they supposedly count...


    nice one! :lol:
  • di na kailangan
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