Sure-fire treatment for Ulcer/Gastritis

I have been diagnosed to have gastritis(a severe one) after undergoing endoscopy. a scratch on my stomach lining was found. it's been years since i had my last endoscopy and i'm not sure if it hasn't developed into an ulcer (tho the pain hasn’t been overly bad as long as I keep things in check).

I get hyperacidity very easily when delaying a meal esp. i've stopped eating spicy foods, smoking, taking caffeine, sodas, beer. i'm a big drinker still tho i've shifted to scotch whisky since i figured that beer is carbonated, it causes acidity. hard liquor(not cold tho) i discovered doesn't cause me acidity. i do take maalox plus everytime before i drink(i drink about 5 times a week and on average get to finish about 5 bottle of scothc a week).

I've had this ailment for about 4 years now after a car accident wherein i wasn't able to take in much solid food tho was taking painkillers and other meds. this i feel was what started all of it. before that incident, i never -never!- skip meals and always eat right away when i feel the onset of hunger. so for it to happen to me is incredibly frustrating. being a drinker makes it all the more depressing.

I've tried taking zantac, nexium and all other meds but none worked in curing it(even as i abstained from alcohol). i'm now just about to start taking pure aloe vera juice. i wonder if it will really work. i've also tried taking chinese meds but they didn't particularly work either -i didn't take it for a prolonged period tho. i did undergo a form of accupuncture called cupping/blood letting done by a chinese doctor and it helped mightily tho only in the early stages.

I've also read that bananas and veggie juices notably cabbage and carrots, are particularly helpful in treating ulcers/hyperacidity.

Has anyone here tried using aloe juice and natural means to cure/treat ulcers?

Are there any other sure-fire cures to ulcer/gastritis aside from surgery?

Anyone here has had that kind of surgery and/or knows about the after effects of it? i'm already contemplating surgery since it's incredible bothersome. i've yet to consult w/ a doctor about it though.


  • LesLes Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Since you didn't mention it, did you ever have H.pylori testing done? Also, is it not possible to abstain from drinking alcohol? I'm pretty sure it has been stressed to you that alcohol contributes to gastritis and peptic ulcer disease.

    Regarding surgery (vagotomy, antrectomy/subtotal gastrectomy, etc.) it is only used as a last resort, especially in cases when there are ulcer complications such as obstruction or perforation.
  • Steady69Steady69 SEECRAFTS FURNITURE PExer
    I forgot to mention it but i already had h.pylori testing done and it was negative.

    I am trying to cut down on my alcohol intake but to totally abstain would be very difficult. actually, from my experience, as long as i take maalox b4 drinking and never drink on an empty stomach, i hardly experience abdominal pain w/ alcohol. pain sets in whenever i dont eat on time and when i digest anything spicy (even food w/ the slightest content of black pepper). i go thru periods of days or weeks wherein my stomach is painful just as i am now, but as long as i avoid things that would irritate my stomach (aside from alcohol), i'm relatively ok. i've even stopped taking in anything cold -even water- for the past 2 years or so.

    I've taken xantac, all kinds of antacids -maalox, kremil s XS, sodium bicarbs-, ate bananas, drank milk, etc. i thought of switching to nexium which i will take a bit later since i just took 300mg xantac this am. btw, what is the proper interval wherein u can take xantac and nexium?
  • LesLes Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Zantac (raniditine) is typically given at 300 mg at bedtime or 150 mg twice a day. Nexium (esomeprazole) is given either 20 or 40 mg once a day.
  • Steady69Steady69 SEECRAFTS FURNITURE PExer
    I started taking nexium 20mg just before dinner time yesterday to go with zantac in the morning and evening before bedtime but i'm still experiencing pain. it gets lessened sometimes but it's still mainly there. though i felt that i've felt better after taking nexium. can i take nexium 20mg 2x a day instead? how about nexium 40mg 2x a day until it feels better? should i continue taking zantac along w/ nexium? will it counteract or complement each other?
  • Steady69Steady69 SEECRAFTS FURNITURE PExer
    Also, i've read that bananas and milk help alleviate acidity. however, i've read that milk produces acid. what's the real deal with milk? bananas do work right?
  • cutejulieangcutejulieang Member PExer
    have same case here! where exactly was the pain? rlq? ruq? was it burnng? i've been diagnosed by endoscopy, colonoscopy had a lot of blood works, whole abdomen ultrasounds and CT scannning i have burning discomfort on my rightside of abdomen since 6months now. anyone help!!!
  • Steady69Steady69 SEECRAFTS FURNITURE PExer
    Hyperacidity causes pain on the middle part of the higher abdomen. i'm not sure if it's still acidity if the pain is on the right side. the fact that you've had an endoscopy should make your doctor be able to determine what your case it.
  • cutejulieangcutejulieang Member PExer
    How was your medication so far? Well, I've been through two GIs already who did the same procedure and both shows abdominal tenderness and minor gastritis from the antrum(part of the stomach) they told me to avoid milk and dairy pruducts. I'm wondering what other test should be conduct. I have no other symptoms other than this constant discomfort from the rightside and all of the test i mentioned were negative still keep wondering where the pain arising from. GI prescribe prevacid before breakfast 3x of pancreoflat and zantacFR before bed time none of this were helping because the pain still persist on the right side of my abdomen :confused:
  • Steady69Steady69 SEECRAFTS FURNITURE PExer
    Try seeing a better doctor. mine comes and goes. sorta. but the pains mainly at the middle, higher part of the abdomen. i also avoid things that causes it to act up. like spicy foods, caffeine, eating on time -which i make sure of. i don't know what it means if the pain's on the right side. but if all your tests were negative, that's a good sign. can i ask from where were the doctors you saw?

    I took antibiotics the whole of lastweek and after a week, it just flared up. it's been such for a week now. i've taken nexium, zantac, maalox, kremil s, tums. name it.

    Do try taking bananas. i'm not a doctor but nexium i think would do you well. it's stronger than zantac.

    Or maybe it's dyspepsia which also causes acidity. By the way, how old are you?
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    Thread reopened.

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    Conventional spelling is highly encouraged.

    Thank you.
  • queensk9queensk9 stockholder PExer
    question for those who have ulcer or gastro do you suffer bad breath also or they call it reflux. usually di ba mahina ang digestion pag may ulcer? is true?
  • It's on your gums maybe try flossing it might work.
  • rinoa8rinoa8 Member PExer
    Steady69 and cutejulieang, how much is your colonoscopy/endoscopy and in what hospital did you do it?
  • JazonEstiJazonEsti Business Guru PExer
    Do pro-biotics work?
  • rinoa8 wrote: »
    Steady69 and cutejulieang, how much is your colonoscopy/endoscopy and in what hospital did you do it?

    My insurance paid all the expenses. But as far as i know endoscopy ranges at 6-8k and colonoscopy cost about the same plus your physicians prof fee and depends if there's anesthesiologist. That was at Delos Santos Medical. If you don't have an insurance or on a tight budget try suggesting to your physician a Small Bowel Sereis and Baruim Enema both are x-rays of the GIs. The procedure was quite uncomfy but much cheaper.
  • mikaikeemikaikee outstake PExer
    ako rin i have the same dilemma for so many years now.. comes and goes. the pain is really helpless on onset, it would just disappear after 3days. im taking OMEPRON 20mg, much cheaper kaysa NEXIUM. ISELPIN and MUCOSTA also helps by taking it before meals. negative din me for h.pylori
  • rinoa8rinoa8 Member PExer
    I just recently had gastroscopy/egd because like you guys, i've had abdominal pain and epigastric pain for so many years now, off and on. Early this year, my symptoms recurred again and have been to a lot of GI doctors. Some say it's gastritis, dyspepsia, peptic ulcer disease - name it. Finally, i've decided to undergo gastroscopy upon the request of my GI doctor since colonoscopy is not needed at this time daw. The findings were negative, meaning no ulcer, no cancer (thank God) - plain negative. H.pylori was also negative. I've had ultrasound of the whole abdomen too which was - you guessed it right - negative. Even my lab results were all negative. The thing is, in spite of all the results being negative, i still experience epigastric pain which is still worse and some abdominal pains. I'm just wondering what is really causing all of these. My GI doctor said it's just dyspepsia - that's it. I was prescribed Prevacid and Motilium. I'm also taking Maalox as needed lang. Like steady69, I've been avoiding all foods and drinks that could trigger my epigastric and abdominal pains but to no avail. I only drink plain water (not cold) for a long time now. This is just confusing and frustrating for me now. I hope somebody could enlighten me about this.

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