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Ho-Ho-Hope you have a holly jolly holidays, PExers! 🎅

Hi gU yS! I'm bAcK!!

hello guys! na miss ko ang PEx ah! :love:

dami ng changes dito since the last time i've been here!! it's nice to be back...sana kilala pa ako ng iba dito hehehe :D

ano na balita? :)


  • PandaemonaeonPandaemonaeon Moderator PEx Moderator
    Welcome back, Steph.

    The Sports Forums has been awfully quiet without you (in terms of wrestling posts).

    People = Sheep™
  • hey steph... welcome back....

    where have you been??? :)
  • Huuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyy, welcome back! :D Glad to have you with us again. :)
  • Hey, it's so nice to see you posting again on PEx. Welcome back, Steph! :)
  • sLaYeRsLaYeR PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    welkam bak !!!!!

    *spooky* 027.gif

  • hey! nice to see you back. :)


  • hohohoho...santa.gif

  • Pandaemonaeon: hey! is that u SOK? :)

    f0r5aK3n: where have i been? kasi wala na akong access sa Net kaya ngayon lang ako nagkaroon uli, prepaid na :)

    Zen: Huuuuuuuyyyyyy ka din!!! :love: ano na balita sayo? missed u! *ahem* magkasunod ata kayo ng posts ni clone a! :bop: para sayo yan ha!

    what's been happening since? i've missed a lot na noh?!

    clone: and shempre, pag na miss ko si Zen, ma-mi-miss din kita clone! are you guys still an item?! :bop: (that was for me!)

    sLaYeR: hi! you got a thing with bats?! cool ng icon mo ah! :D

    wAgKaNgMaKuLiT: sis!!!!!! missed you! :love: how's school? are the bullies still bugging you?! heheheh

    walangdila: hohohoho! merry christmas po :)

    *hug* for everyone! :love:

  • Originally posted by steph
    wAgKaNgMaKuLiT: sis!!!!!! missed you! :love: how's school? are the bullies still bugging you?! heheheh

    *hug* for everyone! :love:

    ayun, hde narin ako masyadong post, pano naman kse nakakawalang gana yun speed ng connection ko, tapos hde narin ako masyadong maka relate dito...

    ok naman school, daming trabaho dun lately. buti nalang christmas break na :). and no more bullies are bugging me :).

    syempre na miss narin kita :)
    ikaw musta na?



  • weebee! :) nice to see you back! hope you enjoy it here again as always :D tc
  • Steph: It's really nice that you're posting again. Re your question...yes, Zen and I are still an item, a friendly item, that is. Seriously, Zen now has a real (not only virtual) love of her life and I'm very happy for them. How about you? What's new with you? Kwento ka naman.

    Merry Christmas to you, my friend.

    Kulit: I share your sentiments. Enjoy your Christmas holidays. Don't forget to come home for the noche buena. :D
  • hey steph!!!

    musta na? ano na'ng bago sa iyo?

  • sLaYeRsLaYeR PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    mErRy PEx`mAs tO yOu !!!!!!!

    mAkE lOvE oN PEx`mAs dAy este.....gIvE lOvE pAlA

    ¿?¿?spooky¿?¿? 030.gif
  • steph: Ayun at sinagot na ni clone ang iyong mga katanungan. :D At ikaw naman, saan ka napadpad? (Eto rin sayo for disappearing from PEx! :bop: ) Oh and did you receive an e-mail from me? :| I used the one written in your ICQ profile. :)
  • PandaemonaeonPandaemonaeon Moderator PEx Moderator
    Pandaemonaeon: hey! is that u SOK?

    Yes, it's me. I can't use the SaintofKillers handle anymore or I'll get banned.

    Anyway, see you around in the Sports Center forum. We got a troll there dissing the WWF.

    People = Sheep™
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