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YellowCab Delivery Bike

Anung brand ung mga scotter ng yellowcab...


  • Parang nakita ko minsan, Vespa yung scooters nila. At siguro much of the revenue from their overpriced pizza pay for the bikes. :confused:
  • shun_sakurai
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    Yep, Yellow Cab's delivery boys ride on particular the classic models I think (it goes without saying that there's more than one Vespa).
  • purply_hazy
    purply_hazy taken...not stirred

    heehee... I remember my bf and I laughing 'bout this when we saw one. sosyal.

  • onewasteddevil
    onewasteddevil touched by an angel.
    it's a "vespa" costs php 150k fully restored.

  • Most of the YC scoots are LML Star. These are Indian-made "replicas" of the famous Italian Vespa PX.

    However, some YC stores are still using Vespas in their delivery fleet.
  • ah okay so orig na vespa talaga yung mga yun? huwaw...
  • Ducati 749s ang nagdedeliver sa amin e. :)



  • pa deliver nga ako sa YC......gusto ko ung duccati ung mag dedeliver ah....hahahahha
  • glenchuy
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