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Favorite Lolo and Lola Moments

Love from grandparents is really super special isn't it. They'll sneak by gifts and treats to you and take you places and you get away with lots of things that your parents would have never let you when you were small. Plus masarap silang sumbongan pag galit sayo ang parents mo diba...hahhahah. Gosh spoiled lola and lolo's girl talaga ako.

What favorite Lolo and Lola memories do you have?


Kite flying with Lolo and eating puto bumbong and hot tea after church.

With Lola, I miss her stories about WWII na paulit ulit noon and I miss her slick remarks about life and our really funny conversations about MEN and SEX.....hahahah....she was a cool LOLA.


  • My favourite 'lola memory' is of when I was still in grade school and I'd know automatically as soon as I walked through the door there would be something masarap to eat after school...

    That and when she shocked me by asking..."What's an orgasm?" I almost died laughing! :lol:

    She's still around now and for that I cherish each day we have left together. I hope my children have the opportunity to know her as well.
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