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Amoy usok parin naka A/C

Guys ano ba sira amoy usok pag may jeep kahit naka A/C nako?
98 sentra series 3. thanks in advance.


  • jason_10
    jason_10 auto enthusiast
    you air recirculation vent could be stuck open. a good aircon shop could close it permanently for you.
  • baludoy
    baludoy Nag me-meron
    baka iyong aircon filter ng auto mo sira na. naging problema ko din dati iyon. ang ginawa pinalitan na lang at tinakpan iyong filter thingamajig ng car:)
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    Like Jason said, check the vent where the fresh air comes from. Even if the air flow switch says it's set to "recirculate air," your vent might not be closed all the way (therefore allowing outside air to come in).

    On cars like your Sentra the connection between the vent and the switch should be just a mechanical thing.

    If you still have your car's manual, it should tell you where the fresh air vent is located. Most cars I know have it close to the base of the windshield, behind the dashboard.
  • its either the linkages or seals wear down due to car age... have it checked/replaced ang everything should be back to normal hth :)
  • bro baka may butas muffler mo sa gitna kaya pumapasok sa loob ng kotse yung usok. delikado yan u might die.
  • check mo din yung mga pintuan baka yung goma sira na.
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