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ABS-CBN'S Pinoy Mano Mano

Coming soon!


  • Kung mala-Kamao ito, paki-shelve na lang.
  • is this the Celebrity Boxing thing?
  • Yup. Celebrity Boxing.
  • ilovehalilovehal Confidently Beautiful PEx Expert 🎖️
    good choice kay cesar. buti na lang at kapuso na si manny, kasi baka sya pa ang naging host nito.

    another show for bayani! thats good, at least madadagdagan sya ng show.
  • Permanent show ba ito o special lang?
  • Corrrect! wrote: »
    Permanent show ba ito o special lang?

    This is a regular show. Bukod sa celebrity boxers boxers na kasama sa line-up, may mga celebrity undercard boxers rin... Kaabang-abang yan! At si Cesar Montano may makakalaban rin... Sino kaya? Hmm... Richard Gomez? Andrew Wolff? Hehehe...
  • what time ito? at kelan mag start to?
  • The contestants are hotties -- TJ Trinidad, Jordan Herrera among others
  • what time ito? at kelan mag start to?

    This October
  • angst wrote: »
    The contestants are hotties -- TJ Trinidad, Jordan Herrera among others

    Hehehe... Oo nga pero this time, magbabasagan sila ng mukha... :-)

    TJ Trinidad
    Joem Bascon
    Jordan Herrera
    Rico Barrera
    Rico Robles
    Michael Roy Jornales
    Biboy Ramirez
    <kulang pa ng isa>
  • TFC better show this... at a watchable timeslot...
  • ano ba yan? creative people pa ba ang nsa creative department ng abs-cbn? gosh
  • Cesar Montano hosts "Pinoy Mano Mano: The Celebrity Boxing Challenge"
    Jocelyn Dimaculangan
    Monday, October 15, 2007
    10:02 PM

    After taking a two-year hiatus from regular TV work, actor-director Cesar Montano is all set to stage his big television comeback and prove his mettle as a host via ABS-CBN's newest sports-reality show, Pinoy Mano Mano: The Celebrity Boxing Challenge. This is his first project in his home studio after an unsuccessful bid to become a senator during the last elections.

    "Pinoy Mano Mano is my first reality show and I am very excited to host a boxing show," says Cesar. "If I were not an actor, I'd probably be a boxer."

    Unknown to some, this TV and movie personality has been boxing since the late '80s. In fact, Cesar even won some amateur boxing tournaments in the country.

    This local version of the hit U.S. show The Contender will feature TJ Trinidad, Joem Bascon, Rico Barrera, Rico Robles, Jordan Herrera, Biboy Ramirez, and Michael Roy Jornales. After their intensive training, one of the contenders will be named the grand champion and receive P500,000 cash, a car, and house and lot.

    Pinoy Mano Mano: The Celebrity Boxing Challenge, a boxing-reality show that pits celebrities together, aims to test their character as a fighter, as a man. At the end of the season, host Cesar Montano will be pitted against another celebrity boxer for a special match.

    Cesar and his co-host Bayani Agbayani will join the celebrity fighters as they undergo professional training sessions from some of the best boxing professionals in the country.

    Pinoy Mano Mano: The Celebrity Boxing Challenge will premiere on October 27 on ABS-CBN.


    Bringing new concepts and excitement to Philippine television, ABS-CBN proudly presents a show that will cater to the needs of sports enthusiasts and reality show addicts alike, Pinoy Mano Mano: The Celebrity Boxing Challenge.

    Pinoy Mano Mano: The Celebrity Boxing Challenge, a boxing-reality show that pits TV and movie personalities together, aims to test their character as a fighter, as a man. Meet the following celebrity boxers who will compete and experience unscripted action, with no scripts, and no doubles to do stunts for them.

    In better shape after taking a break from showbiz is celebrity fighter Biboy Ramirez. Unknown to many, this 26-year old actor possesses an adventurous streak: he idolizes Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight Chuck Lidell and would like to engage in “Ground and pound” boxing.

    His claim to fame was a deodorant commercial where his group, the now defunct “Powerboys” emerged. Now Jordan Herrera is back to the boob tube, but this time demonstrating his power through the quick and strong punches delivered by his left hand.

    Radio-jock turned Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Celebrity housemate Rico Robles has the gift of gab. Most of the time, his wit is misinterpreted as overconfidence. “I’m afraid I’ll be hurting my hand, because I’ll be hurting them so much. I’m afraid they will injure their legs for going after me. I’m afraid they will injure their hand, because my defense is insane.” claims Rico. Easier said than done, but will this long-time amateur boxer prove that his performance is as good as the way he talks?

    Another PBB housemate turned TV personality is Rico Barrera. After his stint inside the house, his good looks and muscular built landed him some projects on television, but Rico insists that he joined Pinoy Mano Mano to show everyone that he can also excel in sports, and to fulfill his dream to go up in a boxing ring.

    He is tagged as Piolo Pascual’s look-alike, but 19-year old Joem Bascon wants to establish his own identity in the industry. Considered an upcoming heartthrob, fans felt that it was too risky for Joem to put his pretty face on the line. But the youngest of the celebrity fighters feel that it’s time to reveal to the viewers his competitive side.

    Former child-star Michael Roy Jornales claims that he was already a fighter even before he entered show business. Taking a break from the industry to focus on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and represent the country in some competitions abroad, Michael Roy believes that his experience gives him the upper hand in this boxing show. Will joining Pinoy Mano Mano revive his acting career, or will he decide to stay out of the limelight for good?

    Finally, despite his hectic schedule in taping for his teleserye, dramatic actor TJ Trinidad is determined to see the end of the season and become the season’s champion. Uknown to some, this model turned actor has been training for MMA since he was 14. His participation as a fighter in this show will introduce another side of him to his fans.

    The boxers still do not know who they will be facing on the ring, but all of them has started preparing for their matches, training rigorously at the Red Corner Gym, under the supervision of Coach Ruel Velasco, of the Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines.

    Aside from the main event in each episode, another exciting match to watch out for is the match between two female celebrity boxers that will be featured in the undercard.

    Pinoy Mano Mano: The Celebrity Boxing Challenge will be hosted by actors turned boxing enthusiasts Cesar Montano and Bayani Agbayani.

    Actors and TV personalities will experience true blood, sweat and tears inside the ring in Pinoy Mano Mano: The Celebrity Boxing Challenge, starting on October 27, Saturdays on ABS-CBN.

  • from journalonline

    October 21, 2007 06:59 PM Sunday

    Celebrity boxers, diyeta sa sex

    By: Nel Alejandrino

    BAWAL daw muna makipag-sex (sa asawa man or whoever) ang walong maglalaban-laban for the title ng programa ng ABS-CBN, Pinoy Mano-Mano Celebrity Boxing Challenge, hanggang hindi natatapos ang competition. This will last for about two months or more.

    Paliwanag ni Rico Robles, a disc jockey and former housemate ng Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Celebrity Edition 1: “Nakababawas daw kasi ng energy ang (sex) exercise na ito.”

    “Me, I don’t mind mag-diyeta muna sa sex,” Jordan Herrera, commercial model and former actor, butted in. “Aba, if ever I win this bout, parang ako ang unang mabibigyan ng titulong ito.

    “I prepared for this,” susog pa ni Jordan. “I made sure na nag-trim-down ako. Kitang-kita naman ang ebidensiya (sabay display ng kanyang bagong form).

    Jordan thinks his new weight, 159 lbs., is just right for someone who is 5’9" tall. Twenty seven years old na pala si Jordan . His manner of fighting is southpaw.

    Twenty seven years old din si Rico, who also stands 5’9.” His fighting stance is ambidextrous.

    The other fighters are TJ Trinidad, 31 years old, 5’9" and 160 lbs. Fighting stance: Orthodox.

    The other fighters are Michael Roy Jornales, former child actor. He’s 23 and 5’7.” Fighting stance, southpaw.

    Rico Barrera, former PBB 1 housemate, is 30 years old, 5’10" and weighs 146 lbs. His fighting stance is orthodox.

    Joem Bascom is a Star Magic talent. He is 21, stands 5’8" and has a 26" reach. His fighting stance is southpaw.

    Eric Fructuoso first made a name for himself as one of Regal Films’ Guwapings, which also included Jomari Yllana and Mark Anthony Fernandez.

    Now 30 years old, Eric is running bilang kagawad sa kanilang barangay in Para?aque sa darating na barangay elections.

    Eric is 5’7" and weighs 165 lbs. His fighting stance is orthodox.

    Biboy Ramirez is better known as a Kapuso. He’s 26 years old, stands 5’7" and weighs 150 lbs. His fighting stance, southpaw.


    PINOY Mano-Mano Celebrity Boxing Challenge will be hosted by Cesar Montano and Bayani Agbayani, both boxing aficionados. It will air every Saturday, starting on October 27, after TV Patrol.

    Former child actor Richard Arellano, who conceptualized the show, described it as a boxing show that pits film and television personalities against each other in the ring.

    A 45-minute show, it is expected to be both emotional and action-packed as it showcases the drama of the celebrities’ lives and the excitement that the boxing fights bring.

    “Whoever wins will be fighting not only for personal glory but for a charitable cause as well,” Richard, who co-directs the show with Abet Ramos, stated further.
    Napag-alaman naming whatever honorarium will be given to the winner, half of the amount will be given to a charitable institution of his choice.






  • geessshhh ... one tulog na lang ... omg ... hehehe ..
    anyways ... for whatever it takes .. go tj go !!!
    we r all behind u ... watching ur boxing fight with thrillssss to the max .. grabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...
    our hearts are pounding naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!
    tjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj !!!!




    LABANAN NA !!! :bop: :bop:

    GO TJ GO !!!*okay* *okay*

    FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT !!! :bop: :bop:
  • 30 years old na si Rico Barrera?
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