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Ho-Ho-Hope you have a holly jolly holidays, PExers! 🎅

theme song mo sa buhay

ala lang...juz wanted to know

what song can you most relate with and why?


  • hello twinkle!! :D

    anyway the song i'd chose nowadays na nakaka-indentify ako.. would be "to be with you". yung sa mr. big. medyo old na.4-5 years na ata.. la lang.. i like the lyrics, and more or less those things happened to me na. if not that song.. it'd be everytime i close my eyes" by babyface. aside frm the fact that he's one of my fav. singers ever, memorable and nakarelate ako dati sa song. :D

    bout u???
  • moonchild by cibo matto. sobrang feel ko yung song na yun.
    pretty on the inside by hole at saka yung song ni marilyn manson with the sneaker pimps. forgot the title eh...but i keep on hearing that one from a close friend's discman.
  • Maybe we can keep this kind of discussion at either this thread or this thread at the Music and Radio forum, thanks. :D
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