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Help! Question About License Plates

Hi, everyone.

I recently bought a second-hand car from a departing diplomat, who in turn bought it originally from a Filipino (in hindsight, I just bought a third-hand vehicle :eek: )

Anyway - so may existing plate number na yung auto from the first owner. When the diplomat bought it, they surrendered the local plates to the LTO so they could have diplomatic plates attached to the car.

Now that I'm the new owner, we were able to register the car and get the old plate numbers from the LTO; kaso, sinisira pala nila yung mga surrendered old plates and sabi nila it'll take a month for them to issue the proper plates. So right now may nakapaskil lang sa windows ko na "REGISTERED PLATE NO. XXX-XXX NO PLATE AVAILABLE"

In your experience, ok lang ba ilabas yung auto with this sign, or will I forever be harassed by MMDA and the infernal chocolate boys? Marami naman kasi akong nakikitang vehicles na may sign lang na "LOST PLATE XXX-XXX" or "FOR REGISTRATION", pero siempre I dunno if they're harassed constantly on the streets for not having proper plates attached to the vehicles.

Thanks in advance for any helpful replies. I tried searching the LTO & MMDA websites but couldn't find anything relevant there.

PS The MMDA guy who helped me get the old plates back said na ok lang ipasada yun. But then again, HE has an MMDA ID aka a free pass on the road. I need some real-life, ordinary-guy-behind-the-wheel inputs.


  • It should be alright. Just bring a copy of the OR/CR always. Nawala noon yung plate number ko when I went through a flooded street. I had an affidavit of loss and police report made and I surrendered the other plate to LTO. It took a few months to get new plates and they allowed me to have a temporary plate number attached like you. Mine was a fabricated copy of the real plate made from GI sheet, cut to size and had the plate number, complete with PILIPINAS painted on it just like the real thing. Siyempre dala ko lagi mga copies ng documents like OR/CR, affidavits, application for plate number, temporary plate, etc. Once or twice yata na-flag down ako, pero ok naman pag nakita nila yung documents.
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