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what do we mean to each other??

chick's background:

married, with a kid, not living with husband (estranged for quite some time now)

dude's background:

newly married, not living with the wife but very much smitten over her, has a pre-teen kid (with another woman)

the story:

the chick and the dude met at work. right from the start, the chick laid down her cards and 'fessed up to the dude that she's married and has a kid and not with the husband... blah blah. the chick knew from common friends that the dude just got married and that he's got a love-child that's a pre-teen.

they start chatting. the chick found the dude interesting and started spending time with him. the dude for some reason hangs out with the chick too. but all of this is within the office, they never really went out on a date. the chick then realizes that she digs the dude and starts spending more time with him. the dude, whenever they hung out, would tell her stories about everything and anything under the sun. it seemed to the chick that the dude could be indirectly "laying down his cards". the chick was cool with what the dude was telling her (the dude not knowing that the chick already knew all of this). the chick would then cook for the dude and (gasp!) even wait for the dude.

so everything was going great between the chick and the dude. this went on for a few months. it was like they had formed a friendship unique among others. until the dude asked the chick to go with some of his buds to drink some beer after work. the chick was dying to go but for some dumb reason, passed up the opportunity. they even had a semi-heated semi-argument about her going or not.

then again they meet at work. the chick noticed the dude has changed. she shrugs this off, thinking it might just be a phase that the dude was going through.

so she waited - patiently. and bore all the changes that the dude was showing. but oddly enough, the dude seemed to have changed only towards the chick. it was as if the dude built an impenetrable wall between them.

after a few more weeks, the chick couldn't stand it anymore. she wanted to talk to the dude and ask him what gives. but the dude was in no mood and told her to lay off. a few more days and the **** hits the fan. they had an argument - through chat - both said that they hated each other's guts. the end.

i guess my questions are:

why did the dude change?

is there hope that they could ever be back to what they were?

any advice for the chick?


  • bbbbbbbbbbbb PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    (assuming sex ang habol niya)

    he wants to f0ck you the night he invited you to have an inuman session with his friends.
    since you wasn't unable to come, he maybe assumed that you weren't open on the idea of sex kaya hindi ka na niya kinakausap ngayon. kasi yun nga ang habol niya.

    kung gusto din ni estranged wife yung sex e 'di mas maganda na lang na sabihin niya ng harapan dun sa guy nang with matching kagat sa lower-right lip. then, after the deed dun nila pag-usapan whichever way their relationship would go.

    on the other side, um,
    hayaan na lang yung nararamdaman. wag na pansinin. iwanan na as it is.
    kay husband na lang ibaling ang atensyon. i mean try to workout the annulment :lol:

    tapos 'pag annulled na kayo saka mo balikan si not-living-with-the-wife-but-very-much-smitten-over-her guy.
  • um, thanks bbbbbb, i think.

    though i'm not so sure that sex was the primary reason why the dude raised the barirer.

    and yep the chick is definitely filing for an annullment. she wanted this way before she even knew the dude so this wasn't because of him. it's really what she wants.

    the chick really isn't looking forward to having a "real couple" relationship with the dude. in fact she was quite happy with the way things were with the dude.

    but up to now the chick couldn't figure out why the dude pulled that kind of stunt. she thought they were friends. if the dude didn't want to be friends anymore, he could've at least left her with a reason.
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