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John Uy Of Be Bench Final 6: He Got It All

Welcome To The First Lovenest of John UY!!!





  • Pilipino Star Ngayon
    Showbiz delight
    TAKE IT! Ni Lolit Solis
    Friday, September 14, 2007

    Nakita si Ara Mina sa grand finals night ng Be Bench at ang tsis*mis, naroroon siya para su**portahan ang isang male finalist na kaibigan niya.

    With Ara around, ma*daling makikilala at magkakaroon ng publi*city *ang Ingliserong lala*ki na nali-link sa kan*ya sa kasalukuyan. Aba, nagkakaroon ng career ang mga mhin na ini*uugnay kay Ara ‘no!

    Asahan na natin na hahanapin o iinter*byu*hin ng mga reporter ang ba*gong friend ni Ara para tanu*ngin ang tunay na status ng kanilang friendship!
  • wewewe wrote: »
    Welcome To The First Lovenest of John UY!!!




    weweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yah he have it all............ waaaaaaaaaaah what a hunk ehh? puede bang makisali sa thread na ito
    ako po pala si leng from kismets! eeeeeeeee but i like john uy!! the first time i saw him i cant stop supporting him sa be bench kaya pls add me to the list..
    John Uy! all the wayyyyyyyyyy :love:
  • wewewe wrote: »
    Welcome To The First Lovenest of John UY!!!




    we3........eeeeeeeeeeeee...thanks for starting a thread for john uy.............john..congratulations on being on the top 6....u did great and an awesome job in be bench........u have the total package (as what the judges said) ..hehehhehehe.........hope to see you in abs cbn shows....:D ...........add me to the list......:D
  • count me in! he's sooooooo hoooooooooot! luvit! :)

  • Thanks for posting guys! :)

    baka he'll be in MSKM 2 :)....when I talked to him last Tuesday, hopefully he'll get to do a soap daw :)




  • Manila Bulletin
    Mr. Showbiz
    September 15, 2007

    New Bench models

    Carlo Gueverra ang Regine Angeles are the newest addition to the elite stable of Bench models, as they emerged winners in the "Be Bench" model search last Tuesday night at the Araneta Coliseum. Although Carlo was not the popular bet among the three remaining male contestants, he romped off with the highest number of votes, so not even the judges could contest his winning.

    "Malayo sa ibang contestants ‘yung text votes ni Carlo," said one of the judges in the event. "So even if it was only 30 percent for the text votes, siya ‘yung talagang panalo."

    The second guy, Ron Morales, did not even come close, according to our source. First to be voted out among the three guys was John Uy, who cried when he was eliminated. John was initially thought to be a strong contender to win. Apparently, the text votes of his supporters were not enough to make him the male champion.

    The 18-year-old Carlo is bent on pursuing a showbiz career after winning the Bench model search. That was what he has been saying from the start of the competition, that he intends to embark on a showbiz career. That is no longer far-fetched, since part of Carlo’s bonanza as the winner is a management contract with ABS-CBN Star Magic. He and Regine also got a two-bedroom town house each from Globe Asiatique, as well as a modelling contract with Bench.

    The finals night for "Be Bench" model search was hosted by Piolo Pascual and Kris Aquino. The judges for the event were the members of the weekly Style Council – fashion designer Lulu Tan-Gan, magazine editor Romina Urra-Gonzales, celebrity stylist Noel Manlapat; fashion director Ariel Lozada; and ace lensman Jun de Leon – with Bench honcho Ben Chan, ABS-CBN executive Deo Endrinal, and showbiz couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres.

    The finals will air this Sunday, Sept. 16, 10:30 p.m. on ABS-CBN.
  • Finally!!!

    I like JOHN UY!!!


    taken yday at ASAP dressing room :)
  • sweet_sam wrote: »


    thanks for the pictures...........ang cute rin nya......hahahahhaha....
  • wewewe wrote: »
    Thanks for posting guys! :)

    baka he'll be in MSKM 2 :)....when I talked to him last Tuesday, hopefully he'll get to do a soap daw :)

    what........awesome...meron ng aabangan.........eeeeeeee
  • ASAP 091607


  • ellisgilellisgil PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    sayang hindi siya nanalo, sana bigyan siya ng magandang breaks, mukhang mabait siya. :)
  • Now they’re famous, now they’re Bench
    CHUVANNESS By Cecile Van Straten
    Friday, September 14, 2007

    The huge and evergrowing Bench galaxy/family of stars just got bigger with the addition of two new discoveries selected at the Be Bench Grand Finals at the Araneta Coliseum.

    On Tuesday night, we were at the Big Dome to witness the star-studded model search hosted by Bench endorsers Kris Aquino and Piolo Pascual.

    Out of hundreds of hopefuls, 12 finalists were narrowed down to six in an eight-week reality TV show that aired over ABS-CBN.

    The lucky six were Carlo Guevarra (18), Kristine Mei Nieto (19), John Uy (19), Michelle Alice Carbonell (20), Haroun Morales (22) and Regine Angeles (21).

    While Carlo and Haroun obviously had the most fans — judging from all the banners seen at the Dome — our personal choice was John Uy, a commercial model who looks like a taller, Oriental version of John Prats. He has been called a “Sam Milby wannabe” and the fact that he mostly speaks English could’ve alienated him from the text-voting masses.

    Among the girls, we favored Regine who had the prettiest face — which everyone seemed to agree with. Whispers had it she was already being eyed by ABS-CBN before the winners were announced.

    Carlo Guevarra stood out because he apparently used to be extremely overweight. As they flashed “before and after” photos of Carlo on the big screen, we were amazed how this insecure boy who once weighed over 220 pounds came to look as he does now.

    Not to be missed were the appearance of Bench eye candies in the forms of Zanjoe Marudo, Jon Avila (a.k.a. Jon Mullally) and Sam Milby who sang a duet with Piolo Pascual.

    Zanjoe is in top form and has never looked this good. Jon is always eye candy, as far as I’m concerned. And Sam Milby still elicited the loudest screams from the audience.

    First to be eliminated was Michelle Alice Carbonell, an airport representative from Baguio. As a consolation prize, Piolo Pascual gave her a big hug, and while this was going on I heard someone in the audience say, “OK na rin.”

    We were pretty sure John Uy had it in the bag. In person and on the big screen he had the best face. I swear, given the right hair growth he could look like a member of F4.

    Unfortunately he was the first to go among the guys.

    John looked disappointed and started looking for his mom in the audience. It was cute and funny — and not an easy task considering the bright lights and the 22,000-capacity of Araneta Coliseum. His mom was finally located when she stood up and waved at him. John made a brief but touching speech, basically thanking his mom for having flown in to see the show. (Collective sigh from the girls.)

    Following a Bench denim fashion show and song number by Christian Bautista, Carlo Guevarra and Regine Angeles were named winners of the Be Bench model search.

    Among their prizes are: a management contract under the ABS-CBN Talent Center, a Bench endorsement contract, a 15-month supply of Bench clothing, cash, an STI educational scholarship worth P250,000, and a two-bedroom house and lot at St. Monique Valais care of Globe Asiatique Realty Holdings Corp.
  • ellisgilellisgil PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    up for john :)
  • John!!! :love:'

    join ako dito...:D
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