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Songs that remind you of your disco/clubbing days

Hypnotized - Copyright
I Want Her - Keith Sweat
Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley
Chains of Love - Erasure
A Little Respect - Erasure
Wild Wild West - Escape Club
that rap version of Madonna's 'Holiday'
True Faith - New Order
Getting Away With It - Electronic
West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys

and lastly, the song that roxxxxxxx Euphoria, Metro (Rumors) and Faces.....New Order's 'Bizarre Love Triangle'

tanda ko na :D



  • Sure, let's expose our age!
    for some reason, the divas are the ones I really remember when we talk disco...

    Cece Peniston, "Finally"
    C&C Music Factory, "Gonna Make You Sweat"
    Deeelite, "Groove Is In The Heart"
    Mariah Carey, "Emotions"
    Barbra Streisand, "The Main Event (Fight!)"
    Crystal Waters, "Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)"
    Madonna, "Causing A Commotion"
    Paula Abdul, "Straight Up"
    Janet Jackson, "Miss You Much"
    Weather Girls "It's Raining Men (Hallelujah)"

    And wala pa dyan sina Donna Summer, Barry White, Kylie Minogue, Whitney Houston... I was never a new wave kid.
  • Sally.....whew....that girl.(Metro days)
    Bizarre Love Triangle (every club's anthem)

    Faces national anthem "Pump Up The Volume (Sing Sing Sing version)".

  • Life Dance :D
  • Eterna : oo nga, Life Dance! lol.gif

    Too Many Walls - Cathy Dennis
    Once In A Lifetime - I forget who sang
    Set Adrift on Memory Bliss - PM Dawn
    Everybody Dance Now [eto ba talaga title non?] - can't remember either
    Breakout - Swing Out Sister
    That popular song by Sybil - Sybil [syempre!] lol.gif
  • Friends (remix version) by Ami Stewart
    Stereo MC's Elevate My Mind
    Make it Easy by Sybil
    PM Dawns' Set a Drift On Memory Bliss
    Crystal Water songs
    Pump up the Volume
    CMC Music Facory songs
    OPP by Naughty By Nature
    Always Somthin There To Remind Me
    More to Lose
  • "Once In A Lifetime" was sung by Gregorian featuring the Sisters of Oz.

    "Everybody Dance Now (Gonna Make You Sweat)" was sung by C&C Music Factor
    I'm making an assumption that the popular song you're referring to is "Make It Easy On Me," a No. 1 Philippine hit for Sybil.
  • Thanks, Mister Dean !

    I was actually going to edit my reply but your message would look pointless if I did! :)

    Special thanks too to StJames who also provided me with those other details. lol.gif
  • it's been such a long time since i've been to discos....bata pa ako nun eh....hihihi....pero bata pa rin po ako huh....m only 18 bleh.gif pero the ones i cld remember are Finally and Losin' my religion....yup REM!
  • ZenZen PExer
    Napaghahalata nga mga age nyo. ;)

    Mine's Plastic Dreams by Jaydee. :D
  • yung mga songs ni Rick Astley :)
  • I have to add these:

    Angelina - by whoever silly.gif
    Dying Inside - Timmy Thomas
    Losing My Religion - REM
  • Hah! These songs remind me of those countless debuts I attended during the height of 89 DMZ's popularity...

    1. I Just Don't Have The Heart - Cliff Richard
    2. Dancing Easy - Funhouse
    3. The Love I Lost - Sybil

    Although not exactly favorites, they set me adrift on a memory bliss...
  • yeeeyeee PExer

    LA GRIMAS O VIZO....lam nyo ba yun?

  • PUMP UP THE VOLUMEEEE!!!! pump up the bass.
  • DAnce Hall Days - Wang Chung :lol:
  • Happy by Squareheads !!! :dance:
  • Hmmm.. 2 all time faves... PIER 1 days(back @ libis).. First month t'was opened I wud see peeps from my skul there every weekends... =)

    SEE THE TROUBLE WITH ME (black legend)
    KEEP ON GROOVIN' (dj alfredo)

    and recently(last week of february)..

  • equinox, euphoria tsaka sa basketball court sa baranggay namin may bakod ng dahon ng buko, may strobe lights na binalutan ng pambalot ng yema :lol:

    losing my religion
    boom shakalak
    baby baby this time i know its 4ever (di ko lam title)
    in the name of love

    dami pa..
  • StJames wrote:

    naalala ko yung commercial sa channel 4, yung pump up the volume tsaka facessss lalala may girl na blondie kasayaw d.o.m. :D
  • Return of the Mack - Mark Morrison
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