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J. Neil Garcia's Poems

hello guys! can anybody help me with the following j. neil garcia poems? im really having trouble interpreting them... please help me, its for my report in phil poetry.

the church drunk
passion and unselfish love in a carnival

any help will be much appreciated. thanks! :)


  • here is garcia's passion and unselfish love in a carnival...

    Passion and unselfish love in a carnival

    At least I get to be carnival queen
    runny-nosed and feverish, no matter.
    It’s your fault for aiming dearly,
    the steady hand-throw, the gladdened heart.
    And my rather unglamorous dunking straight
    into a tank of pale, week-old water.
    I cannot help tasting it, sometimes.
    When the ball hits the target that cranks
    the lever that yanks away my seat, sometimes
    my mouth half-opens in near laughter or supplication.
    And then: brackishness.
    It’s almost like slurping soup
    of which I myself am the only ingredient.
    And dust and rust seeping in like a cold.
    Ah the hazards of making a living
    these dry and hungry days! You come
    to my booth for fun and a warm time*--
    and I cannot really blame you. Six throws
    for ten pesos are cheap when it’s the children
    who might see Daddy hitting his mark. No?
    But the balls are all spinning in circles gay as
    rainbows, and so are the antics: Come on,
    stretch the legs, see the fish out, wave
    the legs, back into the water, part the legs,
    Come and see, swish the arms, pout the lips, mermaid
    learn to swim, pull spaghetti straps down, splash,
    up, splatter, Come closer what’s with this
    sissiness sink the freak, sink the freak.
    The freaks, of course, are those
    for whom there is no more hope. Or love.
    Poked fun at inside the womb they slid
    into the world quite humorless, with bodies
    wrung out of shape from boisterous,
    pent up laughter: the joke’s on them.
    Though their cages and my booth scream
    from the same spectacular side of the carnival,
    I will never accept claims, seriously,
    of kinship. The human spider. The turtle boy.
    Twins linked to each other by their penises.
    Man leapfrogs, eats flies, and croaks,
    with every inch of him mottled, eyes unblinking
    and red. Oy! I’m not such a one!
    Because after the balls have circled like bats
    I too have someone waiting for me. He’s happy
    I come to him at just the right time
    when money is always tight for my sweet.
    I give him my night’s earnings when he asks.
    He’s yet to show me he’s able not to.
    When he does I’m never ready to resist
    the smile like water, the hand thrown open,
    the blanket of hospitable skin. I never let him
    see me getting dunked like bread in his coffee.
    He hasn’t, yet, and it’s the one promise
    he keeps whose future brokenness I am.
    I love him so much I can see myself a fish
    swimming feverishly in soup, forever.
    I think it’s true he loves me, too.
    After all he says it right after I’ve said it
    and given him what he so pityingly takes.
    Breakfast I carve out a woman’s heart from my body
    freakish because every inch like his own.

    please help me out guys... i really have trouble interpreting poems, and i will be reporting on this soon. please help. thanks! :)
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