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hello..help..im new..just read..

ellow po..ako nga pla c nastyB

im a rapper..

i really wanna make a good tagalog love song but my vocab and my and my words aren't good enough

can any body help me write something..credits will out to YOU ofcourse..

i've been recording some demo's
but i feel that may tagalog ain't good enough..

i've been away from the country too long.. i left phil when i was about 6 and now im 20....

help anyone??

anyone can drop their lyrics or poems that they wana be heard as a song..

and i have to also ask permission from u if it's ok if i changed some words..


and i really hope that we all can work together as a team..


all my respect to ya'll out there

add me sa ym

noyip100 or [email protected]


  • Just my opinion... if your tagalog isn't that great, then why force it?
    Filipinos are very appreciative of music so just rap it in English then...

    You don't need to make it tagalog so filipinos would like it. As long as it comes from the heart...I think that's what matters.
  • yeah..but the thin is..i wanna show the world that we filipino have our own langauge..

    i'm proud to be a filipino..

    and im proud of our "wika"
  • if you're really proud to be Pinoy... then you'd find the energy and time to learn the language...

    maybe you can start by reading books in Filipino :)
  • tough crowd.

    nastyb, i'll try to help whatever i can. write to me [email protected]
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