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Maalaala Mo Kaya

Undisputedly, Maalaala Mo Kaya is the best local drama around. So it's very worthy to give our hats off to the program and the people behind it. It's very consistent in giving the viewers quality drama with logical and believable storyline and superb acting. So what do you think guys? You could also reply with your favorite episodes.


  • leiraleira Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    yup,maganda nga sya and lahat ng stories okay. can't remember a particular episode basta wala namang episode ang nakakadisappoint.
  • galeng pala niya mag-act! it was a really cute and sweet episode...she one believable actress pala...kayang kaya niya ma-dala yung isip-bata role...galeng! sayang hindi ko natapos pero ang gand nung episode! pa kuwento naman! watcha guys think of it?
  • I must admit, Regine was pretty good. I was kind of surprised in fact. Even Piolo wasn't as annoying as he usually is.
  • Yeah, it was one of the "feel-good" episodes of MMK. I can only compare it to the episode starring Ina Raymundo and Piolo Pascual again (the one where Ina was a fat girl when she was younger). That and last night's episode are just two of my countless favorite episodes of the show.

    Bagay nga kay Regine 'yung role nya as special child. She's quite convincing.

    What's good, I hope, is that the theme of MMK now has Regine Velasquez' voice on it. Ganda ng rendition nya.
  • I'm a huge fan of Regine Velasquez. However, I wasn't able to see the beginning of MMK last night. :( But the last 40 minutes of the show that i saw were enough to make me smile at this new tandem of regine and piolo. Regardless of the sexuality issue, i think piolo's really a good actor. As for Regine, her singing prowess has already captivated a lot of fans..this time, her acting is improving even more.

    I think the story is a mix of 2 movies..yung kay Johnny Depp (oh no, i forgot the title..."Benny and Joon" ba? Yikes, did i get the spelling right?) and that of another movie i saw in Star Movies (before Home Cable cut off its services..grr) that starred the extremely talented Juliette Lewis. Of course the latter is better than regine because even if i'm one of her big fans, i still noticed some inconsistencies in her acting last night. But as a whole, she surpassed whatever expectations i had of her in carrying out her role (galing-galing niya in her confrontation scenes with her father and then later, with her mom). I hope to see her again in more challenging roles.
  • I was able to watch the episode starring Piolo Pascual and Regine Velasquez last night.

    It was a very cute episode. Regine's acting was ok at the start but she became OA as it progresses. I was quite annoyed towards the end. But overall, her performance is tolerable.

    Piolo was good. He never did have any problem when doing light romance and feel good movies/tv specials.

    I think last night's episode was one of the best MMK episode. Hopefully, we'd see more of Regine-Piolo team-up in the future. Probably in a movie?

  • Ano kayang Meron itong si Regine at bagay sya sa lahat ng ginagawa nya? Pansinin nyo okay siya sa lahat ng mga ka=partner nya. Whether it be Cristopher de leon, Aga Muhlach, robin Padilla and now Piolo Pascual. Maganda ang chemistry nya palagi. At magaganda pa movies nya, mga feel-good, light romance type.
  • :sunnysmile:

    I agree with you guys! I don't really watch MMK but when I saw the promo for last nyt's episode...I knew that I'll enjoy it...and I did!!!

    I don't know if you'll agree with me...but my friends and I think that Regine & Piolo make a better onscreen pair than Piolo with JudyAnn.

    mytyragirl...tama ka...wala pa yatang nde bumagay kay regine no?!? & she's really great in romantic comedies...
  • This is one episode that is truly worth watching. I agree with you that Regine has improved. Piolo was so natural. The best part were those light moments they had in the show. One thing is for sure, if they make a movie, it will be another blockbuster. Yeah Piolo looks better with Regine than with Judy Ann (no offense).
  • Originally posted by MySerendipity

    I don't know if you'll agree with me...but my friends and I think that Regine & Piolo make a better onscreen pair than Piolo with JudyAnn.

    mytyragirl...tama ka...wala pa yatang nde bumagay kay regine no?!? & she's really great in romantic comedies...

    Hala! Andyan na mga fans ni Judy Ann.... :D

    Buti na lang I was able to record the show (night shift kasi me!), I'm looking forward to watching it this weekend. Sana mag-enjoy din ako...

    About Regine & Piolo... from what I know, nire-recruit nga ng Star Cinema si Regine for a movie with Piolo. Kaso she signed an exclusive contract uli with Viva Films. Ang alam ko, dapat ang next movie talaga ni Piolo after Dekada 70 ay with Regine V. for Star Cinema. Pero yun nga, hindi na ata matutuloy. Sayang!
  • bagay kay regine ung role nya.. hehe.... aliw lang,,
  • TiNyCuTiETiNyCuTiE PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    it was really cute for regine and convincing ang acting nya
    kaya di ako nanghihinayang panoorin kahit na may requirement sa aming manoond ng show yan para sa drama class namin
  • crybabymakicrybabymaki PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i used to be a big fan or hers. i had all of her cd's up until the kailangan koy ikaw soundtrack. but then, i guess the saying "out of sight, out of mind" is really true. i started seeing less and less of her on tv (cause i only have the filipino channel) kasi masyado yata syang nagpatali sa gma or something.

    when i saw her in maalaala, grabe balik fan na naman ako. just great acting right there. i especially loved the personal touch in the show when she sang the theme song herself.

  • cmars2cmars2 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Grabe ang galing nyang umarte! :D
    And to think she doesn't consider herself an actress,, :D
  • i like that episode from start to finish i guess i enjoyed it!

    i like the chemistry between regine and piolo.
  • i don't usually watch MMK, pero pinanood ko 'to kasi naaliw ako kay regine( though i don't like her that much ). ang galing ng pagarte nya dun. natawa ako sa kanya...sa kanilang dalawa :laugh:
  • ang ganda nung last episode and ang galing pati ni regine ... kkatuwa sha ...
  • "Sabi mo patay! Sabi mo patay!!!!" - unforgettable line #1.
    "Daddy kita eh... Akala ko patay ka eh!!!" - unforgettable line #2.
    "Shorts o dress?" - unforgettable line #3.
    "Mahal mo ba ako?" : "Hindi." - unforgettable line #4.
    "Aalagaan kita, kahit maging kasing-old ka pa ni Sparsky" - unforgettable line #5.

    Truly a very memorable and special TV experience. :)
  • Regine was brilliant in that episode. I loved every part of it.

    Especially her rendition of the Maalaala Mo Kaya theme. :*)
  • This
    has got to be one of the most special episodes of the drama series
    that I've seen. First, because it's Regine who stars in it. Second,
    because the story and the script is fabulously written. Third,
    because the acting of the lead and supporting actors is magnificent.
    And fourth, because of the mini-soundtrack of Regine especially
    recorded for this episode.

    Regine sang her version of Maalaala Mo Kaya (the song) during a
    portion of the episode where she was crying and contemplating. The
    same song was played in full at the end credits. The version is a bit
    jazzy and classical, with piano only as the background accompaniment.
    Raul Mitra arranged it.

    Both Regine and Piolo's acting were remarkable. They register well
    onscreen. Regine's dramatic scenes were carried out without the usual
    hysterical flare we see in most local drama actresses. She was a
    natural. Her portrayal of the role was very convincing.

    Among the supporting actors, I think Jodi Sta. Maria and Liza Lorena
    were superb, portraying Abby's (Regine's character) sympathetic
    cousin and overprotective mother, respectively.

    The episode is very heart-warming. Kakaiyak. It unreels almost like a
    movie, and is better than most local drama flicks on the big screen.

    Bravo, Regine and Piolo!!!
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