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If this was your car, what would you do?

I've finally decided that replacing my car would not be a wise idea since I will be leaving the country permanently in two years. Therefore, I just decided to work with what I have: A black 2001 Mitsubishi Lancer GLX.

I am a girl and I really don't know much about the nitty gritty of automobiles so I'm here asking for help. My mileage is only around 53k kms so I think it;s still a good car. My main concerns are the following:

1. My tint is starting to flake
2. I need a new seat cover
3. My cd player fails to read cd smoothly. (Even the newly burnt ones)
4. I think I need to replace the rims of the car because since it's a lancer, the hubcap is plastic- thus it has cracks already for all the times that it has gone flat.

If this was your car, what would you do to it? Please address the concerns above including a ballpark figure of the price. (So that I could plan for it) ;) And of course, the best places to get things done.

You may also include other modifications that you think may help improve the vehicle- speakers/ subwoofers/ paint/ body kits, etc.

Go crazy.

Thank you.


  • speakers wise.. andaming possibilities. depends on how much you want to spend.

    you could go cheap and just do a head unit change..

    or you could go wrong and spend a lot of money on a bad set of speakers, cheap amplifiers, and cheap subs that don't do anything but add noise and hurt your ears.

    or you could go the proper route and have a set of speakers that would reproduce music the way it is meant to be heard. :) hearing the fine details that make the music full. :)

    anyway. rims... i'd just stay with the stock size.
  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Tsikot.com Admin
    I like cars stock. Less stuff to go wrong with them. hehehe.

    1. Get new tint and have it installed by a competent shop. As much as possible, I'd go with a 1 piece windshield (aka seamless). Some installers are not skilled enough to do this so shop around wisely. Winterpine Araneta can do it (even seamless for the rear glass) but they are pricey. The next best shop I go to is Jaffas in Banawe.

    2. Why do you need seatcovers? You can just have the original seats cleaned by a detailing shop. If you're leaving in two years, I doubt you can get them really dirty again. Unless you really have unruly passengers or you put dirty things on your seat. I don't have seatcovers on my vehicle and I have no problem with it. I don't even disallow people from eating in the vehicle. They just have to be careful.

    3. You could update your head unit (the car stereo in the dashboard) with a newer one. Something that has a USB port/aux in (for iPod) and can read MP3's. If you're not an audiophile, you don't have to mess with the speakers and other stuff.

    4. There are lot of rim designs available. You can even choose some from other Lancer variants. There are versions of the lancer rim with exposed wheel nuts and only a small center hubcap (aka center cap) as opposed to the MX's saucer sized cap. I'd also stick with the same size rim if you're using it as a daily driver.
  • keener
    keener Moneymaker
    thanks for the reply, gentlemen. I appreciate that you made it quite easy for me to understand. I have a speaker question. I can already hear my speaker vibrate rather than the bass when I have hiphop (heavy bass) playing which leads me to believe that I need to replace them. FOr the past 6 years, I have turned up the volume fairly frequently kase e.

    Any recommendations?
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