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A lesson on How to catch / beat an *****$HOLE here in pex

This lesson are for those who want to get even with all those bully in pex.
Share me your problem and let see if I can give you a solution to your problem.
I will going to tell you how to catch them next time.


  • wazdogwazdog PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    **** you kaluluwang metal!
  • wazdog wrote: »
    **** you kaluluwang metal!

    Now we have our first subject, I called this kind of people as DUMBnesis ASSHOLEkenesis.

    All you have to do is profiling

    1. definitely he is young, old people don't talk as DUMBnesis as he is.

    2. he is DUMBnesis, How I come-up with this, Imagine he let himself to be our first subject.

    Toy, learn how to deliver yourself properly, No one respect a DUMBnesis.

    Don't get me wrong guys, I'm not here to hit the good guys, I am here to hit and beat all those ASSHOLEkinesis.

    According to my studies we have more than 1 hundred kind of ASSHOLEkinesis here in pex I'll discuss some more when me came back.
    beat me up, i love pain. i insist.. come on give me your best shot...
  • beat me up, i love pain. i insist.. come on give me your best shot...

    Prove that you are ASSHOLEkinesis first. your post is not enough for me to brand you as one. I called it justice, Eventhought some people are saying thiey are the criminal I don't judge them soon, I have to prove it first.
    Check the first DUMBnesis ASSholekinesis writing.
    Be one and will push you to the ground.

    Goal of ASSHOLEkinesis:
    Point to ponder:
    Wala silang goal kundi ang mang-inis and if they sensed that thier target is smoking mad and intimidated they feel glad( I still don't understand the logic though). And hit you more, while your move is only to deffend yourself without any counter attack to the said ASSHOLEkinessis leave you very vulnerable for more attack.
    How to deal with this.
    Don't let them go inside your emotion, Kung hindi nila kayo kayang galitin sila ang magagalit that will gonna lead to a series of senseless attack from them. this time you can hit them back while those ASSHOLEkinesis can't do anything but to deffend themselves and eventually fade out.

    Pex ASSHOLEkinesis are here para mang-inis, don't give it to them,
    wag maiinis o magpapaintimidate. Dito ang maiinis at magpabuladas syang talo.
    I'll discuss the advance way how to beat them later.
    I still don't know, but we have a possible candidate for another kind of ASSHOLEkinesis.
  • i think my girlfriend is, like what you are saying ASSHOLEkinesis. Paano ba ang pwedeng counter attack sa "ASSHOLEkinesis"? meron ka bang book tungkol dyan sa "ASSHOLEkinesis"? bibili sana ako para ihampas sa kanya...
  • mugadxmugadx PEx Rookie ⭐
    bakit anung magagawa mu? block mu yung ID niya dito sa PEX? ganun ka ba kagaling? eh pag ginawa mu yun dapat me pahintulot ka sa administrator. kumbaga siguro yung sinsabi mu yung mga tipong mga ogag magcomment sa youtube? ska yung nagsend ng chain letter?
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