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Living on your own

ground_breakground_break PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
It´s fun living with your parents:)

Pero they underestimate me a lot of times kaya the first chance I got.. I left home and lived on my own.. That was during my college days.. I lived with my tita.. I pretty much lived on my own.. My tita is not the motherly type so I had to cook, wash dishes, clean, do the laundry on my own... Through the 4 years in that situation, I am pretty confident that I can manage things on my own.. Pero sa arrangement na to, I still go home sa weekends

I decided to want to live on my own. Minimal to no support from my parents. I´m already working and have my own money and a little savings..

Anybody share the same sentiments.. of wanting to live on your own..


  • paddylastpaddylast PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i want to move out this dec...
    im still waiting for my "special friend" from japan though to come home before deciding where to live...
  • It's not easy for me to do everything since I also have to work. I guess I don't share the same sentiments having gone through this already once upon a time :) It was also a bit expensive
  • I've been independent for more than 7 years. Thing is, within those 7years, I'd always have a companion, either a gf or an officemate. But since last month, I got a taste of living solo. I love the freedom, having everything to myself but I must say that it gets lonely at times. Even the din of the TV doesn't comfort me during the lonely hours. Now I'm thinking of giving up my apartment and just move back in with my parents.
  • I've been on my own since the time i got my first job, though technically i moved out completely just about 3 years ago already. It feels good being independent, you pay your own bills, rent, food, etc. almost everything and make your own decisions on practically everything else and every move you do. For me, to be independent is a great challenge to prove myself and stand on my own. It's like trying to conquer your own worst fear. You will sure learn the value of money hands-on, because you know how you earn it and where exactly it goes. It also helps one grow as a person and prepare for the real life ahead, It gives a sense of control of your life and I personally think that it is a stage in life that one must have to experience in order to become a completely responsible grownup. :)
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