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Parking Space For Rent

beatlebum PEX Survivor 3 Runner-Up
Meron bang ganito sa QC? Wala kasing parking space sa apartment namin eh ayoko namang, or rather wala pa akong time na lumipat. Darating ang kotse by mid September.


  • i think you need to be a little more specific than 'QC"... it is the biggest city in the metro, afterall. :)
  • beatlebum
    beatlebum PEX Survivor 3 Runner-Up
    I'm sorry. :) Diliman Area. Teacher's Village specifically.
  • LoL.. diba teacher's village is kanya kanyang bahay yan? ket la kang parking? :)

    anyway... gumawa ka nalang ng tent sa harap ng bahay mo, imo.
  • grayegcivic
    grayegcivic LoveMYWRXSTiToo
    Money talks and everybody listens... ..Rent somebodys garage..
  • LoL, He's in a VILLAGE. I doubt that a villager would be happy to let someone rent their garage for let's say, 1,500 per month in exchange for the inconvenience that a garage space renter would bring.

    i've yet to hear park space rentals inside a VILLAGE.
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    Try to talk to the gas stations in the area, that's one place you can begin with; Or scout around the houses nearby to see for anyone with extra space and try to talk to them. Heck Php 1K a month additional income is pretty handy to almost any household nowadays.

    Teachers Village roads are pretty narrow and people can come in and out of the area freely, it is not that adviseable to park your car outside indeed.
  • if i was a villager with an extra park space inside my garage, i wouldn't let him in. Inconvenience really. he'll need to have access to my garage door 24/7 if that's the case.

    that's hardly worth 1k a month for me.
  • grayegcivic
    grayegcivic LoveMYWRXSTiToo
    For the right price...Someone will take you on your offer provided you don't inconvience them in return. Follow the rule of the owner of the house and you'll be fine. You gotta understand that its their house and their don't be coming back in the wee hours in the morning. My .02 cent.
  • lagi kang mag dodoor bell, para pumasok sa loob ng bahay/ garage...

    it's just too much of an inconvenience, imo.

    i live in a village. and i'm yet to hear a park space for rent INSIDE a village. if people have extra cars, they borrow an empty lot. :)
  • I also need a parking space in Makati.
    Mas ok kung JP Rizal/ PRC area.
    Kahit house na di naman nagagamit yung parking.
    Willing to pay monthly. Hassle kasi kung lagi na lang naka hazzard sa daan.

  • RetroManila
    RetroManila Pushing Daisies
    Hmmmm... May ganyang set up sa isang kakilala ko, e. He parks in somebody else's garage.

    I suggest that you just park in front of your house. Teacher's Vill is relatively safe anyway. I always see those barangay/police guys roaming around the area.
  • There are streets na gated sa Teacher's village. You can just rent the space in the front of a house (not in front of the gate) and not necessarily park your car in their garage. Nasa maboteng usapan naman yan eh.
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