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Suspension Question

a friend wants to ask this...

car: L300FB

i noticed na parang bumaba ung likod. what's the problem? do i need to replace the shock? pls. advice what to do? what brand to buy? thanks.


  • Check the leaf springs, baka may putol/bali. Shocks just dampen the up and down motion when you hit an uneven surface, they don't really keep your vehicle "up".
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    +1 on checking the leaf springs.

    I don't know if this also applies to leaf springs, but from my experience, coil springs do sag over time. Our 1993 Corolla's ride height dropped noticeably over the seven or so years we had it.
  • leaf springs = molye?
    does it mean that i need to replace the leaf springs?
    saan ko puede pagawa 'to?
  • Yes, molye din tawag diyan. Check mo muna. Replacement yan kasi metal fatigue ang kalaban. Madali lang naman yan gawin, less than half a day, kahit sa garahe mo lang pagawa.
  • saan nabibili yang molye? do u have an idea kung magkano yan?
  • You can buy them at auto-supply stores. Naputulan ako niyan a few years ago, pero nalimutan ko na kung magkano bili ko. Check mo muna kung putol nga, or nag-sag, pwede rin kasi na dis-align lang.
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