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ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk87: Isang Karangalan sa Ngalan ng Nag-iisa nating BANDILA!

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ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk87: Isang Karangalan sa Ngalan ng Nag-iisa nating BANDILA!


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  • STAR PATROLSTAR PATROL kaChika&#9786;&#9786;&#9786 PExer
    :spinstar: [highlight]IT STARTED WITH A KISS.. AGAIN[/highlight]
    Kiligin ulit simula ngayong August 27, 10:00 AM
  • meebomeebo enchanted to meet you PExer
    Wow new thread! Congratulations guys!

    Hands down talaga ako sa mga Kapamilya pexers. Title pa lang ng thread may sense na. Keep it up guys!

    Mabuhay ang #1 station sa Pilipinas. ;)

    One Family

    One Network

  • rasHiko_dHeNzrasHiko_dHeNz Hybrid ✭✭✭
    ABS-CBN's 'Bandila' earns Emmy nomination

    ABS-CBN's premier late-night newscast "Bandila" earned for the Philippines its first ever nomination for an International Emmy® Award.

    "Bandila: The Subic Rape Case Promulgation" is one of only eight nominees for the 2007 News and Current Affairs categories announced Tuesday (Wednesday in Manila) by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (IATAS) in New York City .

    “The 2007 nominees are a testimony to the diversity of international television news organizations which now reach a high standard of excellence,” said Bruce L. Paisner, president & CEO of IATAS, also president of Hearst Entertainment. “The International Academy takes enormous pride in saluting the work of these outstanding news organizations and journalists from Asia, Europe and South America.”

    This marks the first time ever that programs from the Philippines and Romania are nominated for an International Emmy® Award and the first time that programs from Hong Kong and Russia are nominated in the news category.

    Eight hundred nominations around the world were narrowed down to eight finalists, of which four newscasts and four news features were chosen as the best.
  • deechoadeechoa your princess PExer
    official na ba itech?
  • deechoadeechoa your princess PExer
    pasaway ang pex.....
  • JohnstonJohnston Thank You For The Love ✭✭✭
    Suggestion ko sana: ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 88: "Philippine Network from the Past, to the Present and for the Future" :)
  • rasHiko_dHeNzrasHiko_dHeNz Hybrid ✭✭✭
    Johnston wrote: »
    Suggestion ko sana: ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 88: "Philippine Network from the Past, to the Present and for the Future" :)

    Hindi ko na mae-dit. :bop:

    Pero, ito na lang gawin nating title sa 100th thread. *okay*
  • janray:)janray:) Member ✭✭✭
    hello po mga kapamilya...

  • STAR PATROLSTAR PATROL kaChika&#9786;&#9786;&#9786 PExer
    nakalkal ko sa YouTube..
    wala lang, na-miss ko lang sya.. :mecry:
  • itspaybacktimeitspaybacktime cH()sen-()nE PExer
    dito na ba mag post? di na sa 86?
  • itspaybacktimeitspaybacktime cH()sen-()nE PExer
    Sis’ nakabawi


    Pitong mga huling araw ay natatalo ng Boy & Kris ang SiS sa rating. Nakabawi ang SiS nu’ng Huwebes na si Angel Locsin ang special guest nina Kuya Boy at Kris.
    Narito ang overnight ratings ng mga programa ng GMA 7 at ABS-CBN 2 nu’ng HUWEBES (Agosto 23):

    SiS 13.3% vs. Boy & Kris 12.6%;

    Takeshi’s Castle 16.7% vs. Game Ka Na Ba 20.3%;

    Eat Bulaga 23.1% vs. Wowowee 20.9%;

    Daisy Siete 20.2% at Pati Ba Pintig ng Puso 18.7% vs. Inocente De Ti 14.5%;

    Kung Mahawi Man ang Ulap 17.5% vs. Pinoy Movie Hits 10.2%;

    Foxy Lady 15.6% at Meteor Garden 24.2% vs. Margarita 15%;

    24 Oras 30.3% vs.TV Patrol World 27.2%;

    Mga Mata ni Anghelita 30% vs. Kokey 33.3%;

    Marimar 36.3% vs. Ysabella 29.8%;

    Impostora 32.6% vs. Deal or No Deal 31.2%;

    Jumong 29.1% vs. Walang Kapalit 22.1%;

    Magpakailanman 20.1% vs. Sineserye 13.9% at Bandila 8.1%.
  • summoned_deadsummoned_dead ressurect_me PExer
    ala na bulag na talaga ang mga mata ni anghelita...

    mas maganda kasi eyes ni kokey
  • chismosochismoso #ThankYouForTheLove ✭✭✭
    elow mga kapamzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........good job kokey!!!!! ahehehe
  • kpamilya4lyfkpamilya4lyf Maroon Vixen PExer

    :lovesigh: [highlight]SEPTEMBER 26, 2007[/highlight] :lovesigh:

    I've Fallen For You
    Director: Lino Cayetano
    Cast: Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Albert Martinez, Lotlot de Leon
    Producer: Star Cinema

    I've Fallen For You is about a boy and a girl who discover that they both have a lot of things in common. They share the same name—"Alex Reyes"—and even the same birthday. However, they have totally opposite personalities.

    Alex Boy (Gerald) returns to the Philippines from Singapore with his mom, Tessa (Chin-Chin Gutierrez). His father's job in a multinational company forces his family to live in various locations, but no place to really call home. Alex Boy can't seem to focus on anything; he easily starts a hobby but never really finishes it. With the news of his parents' breakup, Alex Boy has to do everything to achieve what he has always wanted—to live in one place with his family intact.

    Alex Girl (Kim) has set goals for herself and her family. She has to pass the entrance exam at the State University and get a good job to help her family. The inn-restaurant her family owns isn't doing well and it doesn't help that her parents, Jonathan (Albert Martinez) and Vangie (Lotlot de Leon), are always fighting. She has no time for anything but to find ways to earn. She believes that money would bring peace to her family.

    Alex Boy finds in Alex Girl the perfect partner for a tandem cycling competition he wants to join. In desperate need of funding for her studies, the prize of P50,000 convinces Alex Girl to team up with her annoying namesake. Even though Alex Girl is talented, she lacks the proper techniques needed to win. As Alex Boy teaches her the techniques she needs, he learns from this driven girl the virtue of responsibility. In turn, Alex Boy makes Alex Girl see what she misses in her own life—having fun.

    Later on, they discover the real reason for their similarities, and the discovery will put a strain on their budding romance. As they decide to nurture their young love, fate challenges them to leap over the greatest challenge their love story would ever face—the story of their own families' past.

    I've Fallen For You is coming soon in theaters nationwide.
  • gulf_dudegulf_dude ang pagbabalik... PExer

    Isang Sabadong Kay-Ganda sa lahat ng Kapamilya

    :dance: it's party time :dance:



    YUN NA!

    ANG GANDA KETCH HUH :beauty:






  • gulf_dudegulf_dude ang pagbabalik... PExer
    Break the Bank with Studio 23!


    Your Kabarkada, Studio 23, gives you another groundbreaking game show, together with Endemol, makers of Big Brother and Deal or No Deal! Get to experience the most exciting interactive game show on primetime TV: Kabarkada, Break the Bank!

    Avid fans of Kapamilya Deal or No Deal will find Kabarkada, Break the Bank quite interesting, as this game also involves briefcases. This time, however, it's just you and 14 briefcases, each containing cash, amounting to 100,000! Players get the chance to join through the one-time free text registration, and by answering the simple, yet entertaining word games on TV! Lucky players get to receive a call from Studio 23, and by answering that call alone, you get free cell phone load, instantly!

    Mo Twister is your accomplice in breaking the bank, and will ask players forbidden questions everyday! Can you Break the Bank and go for the jackpot prize, or will you opt for the equally tempting Kabarkada Prize Packages, such as holiday trips, the latest tech gadgets, free shopping sprees, even a brand new car! To make things more interesting, the Lady Banker will with the Automated Tension Machine, which can double, or cut off prizes!

    So, watch out as Kabarkada, Break the Bank hits your TV sets on weekday nights at 7:30 PM, starting on August 27, only here on Studio 23!
  • PrinceDongskiePrinceDongskie Mr. Lolz Jr. ✭✭
    daan lang :drive:
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