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2007 lancer 1.6 GLS or Mazda3 1.6L S

Help!!! Mga car experts jan...

I'm planning to buy a new car. Budget ko hindi lalagpas ng 800K. I'm choosing between the 2007 lancer GLS and the 2007 mazda3 1.6L S. Pareho sila 1600cc. I need to know which is more reliable in terms of performance and fuel efficiency. Sa looks mas OK yung mazda3 pero mas maluwag at classy ang interior ng lancer. Pareho ko gusto pero pang isang kotse lang budget ko eh... Help me decide which is better.:confused:


  • marco_1
    marco_1 M I Y E M B R O
    pre, mukang mas ok kung magcivic ka na lang, mas roomier!
  • the lancer for me. But if you want the lancer, I suggest waiting out for a few more months.

    dahil the 'discounts' will start to kick in soon. para mas madali ma clear ang inventory for the 2008 Lancer.

    However, color choices mo will be limited.

    so maybe, ask your sales rep to call you up pag pumasok na ang promo ng lancer. :)
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    Agreed, try waiting a few more months as the new Lancer's just around the corner. It should be out by October or so.
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    I'd think the fuel economy of both are more or less at par... if you need the room then the Lancer may be the better choice. If I were in the same situation i'd get the Mazda 3 as i like the design and the driving "feel".
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