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Gestational Trophoblastic Disease - hydatidiform mole

hi, just want to ask if someone here knows the price range of chemotheraphy for hydatidiform mole and kung ilang sessions ang kailangan?

sana po may makasagot ng question ko...


  • the person who asked this probably knew the price already but for everyone out there, here's the info.

    Our doctor (Dr Sarmiento in Asian Hospital -- highly recommended) asked us to buy methotrexate. Nabili ko sya sa Farmacia Fatima in front of PGH - dun lang daw sya nabibili. It cost me around P300 per 2ml vial. Nung kami, the doctor gave my wife 0.80ml per shot for 5 days. We had to do 2 rounds so 10 days.

    Thank God di mahal masyado ang gamot na to. Also, ginagamit din pala ang gamot na to sa pagtreat ng arthritis! Galeng no?
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