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  • NibsNibs PExer
    What I can't stand is the commercial in RX 93.1, the one with a guy and girl then they talk about silly things and corny jokes.
    They have the worst voices, the both of them.
  • poinkpoink PExer
    That five minute Nescafe Open Up song is really annoying
  • topnotch97topnotch97 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    yung sa RX hindi naman ah

    yung ibang stations masyadong OA

    gaya ng campus radio `no
  • archerguyarcherguy PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Yung mga radio commercials ng MAX'S! BWISIT!
    Nakakasira ng araw especially about the "share-share" thing and the "galit-galit muna". Ang sarap murahin nung male voiceover doon. It's not cute, it's not funny. CORNY!
    CHEAP! A TOTAL TURN-OFF! Ayoko na tuloy kumain sa Max.

  • yun sa sweepstakes na laging ni ple play sa magic... grrrrrrrr... nanggi-gigil ako doon... tapos nagka tv version pa! grrrrrrrrr....

  • same here, that sweepstakes commercial too!
    grrrrrr kainis!
    merong TV version? lucky pala ako i haven't seen it yet!

  • LadyMarmalade,

    hahaha... good for u di mo pa nakikita... para silang mga bading!

  • I hate those radio spiels in RR and Campus Radio. "For Life" GRRR... "Forever" Double GRRR... :(
  • ewan kung narining nyo na 'to, dati pa kasi yun eh... basta, kakairita! ganito yung pagkasabi: "kc sa wkc, we are family...!!!"

    ah.. ewan ko dun
  • Yung sa green cross linimint!
    At yung sa RX yung may bodygaurd!
  • I hate the Nescafe "Open Up" song! I also find the Max's Fried Chicken commercials irritating (share-share, galit-galit muna, and sip-sip)! They make me wanna change stations when they're being played! Grrrrrr!!!
  • Sino ba ang nagsabing pwede i-air ang Kingbrush commercial? Nakakainis!

    /me does her interpretation of Delamar's "Kiiiiiiiiinnnnggggbbbbbrrruuuuuuuussshhhh?"
  • Anong dyaryo yung "from cover to cover..."? Well I really hate the 'yuppies' they're trying to depict in that ad, where they discuss a couple of things here and a couple of things there, and then a celphone toot toot goes off, and a girl goes, "O, kanino namang text yan?" EEEEWWW UUGGHHH PWE PWE PWE!

    It just doesn't work!! They were advertising for a newspaper, but what stuck to my mind was the piece on "Kanino namang text yan?"--- hello?!?! That's like, a big NO NO in advertising!
  • it was this commercial jingle during the 80s for YC Bikini Briefs. it irritated me (quite striking on a six-year-old kid then). if anyone here in PEx remembers that jingle, you know what i mean.


  • archerguy and nikolai,

    "share, share"
    "galit galit muna!"
    "tipid, tipid"

    "ANAK KA NG MAX!!!" lol.gif

  • i really hate the one about the sweepstakes thing... it's sooooooo poorly made that even if i've heard it for like, a billion and one times i still cant remember what it's all about.

    "blahblahblah....*teeny female voice*....OO NGA!!!!....blahblahblahblah....OO NGA!!"

    hel-loooo... no originality whatsoever.
  • Acebedo Optical
    Seiko Wallet, ang wallet na masuwerte
    and the champion among them all: YC Bikini Brief! For the man who packs a whallop!
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    sorry i dont have much time to listen to such eeky stations such as campus radio (ano kayang mga schools ang nakikinig dito?) & yung may for life for life na yan! (hahahaha!! hindi daw nakikinig oh pero alam yung mga lines!)

    pero what i dont like is that of max's galit galit muna!

    & juicy fruit!!!
  • don't usually listen to radios now-a-days...just mp3s and other cd collections.
    because of those stupid cheap commercails.
    although if i ever get a hold of a radio i'd go to NU107 or city light.

    like the "galit-galit" and the "For life" or the "Forever" yak! Don't be so conyo ha. angry.gif
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiT: nye baka ibato ko remote control ng TV pag nakita ko yun hehe
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