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The MOST DISTURBING Film that you've watched (Eeek!)

Call me sick... but I enjoy them most of the time! :D

I'm actually a fan of disturbing movies and I like to be "traumatized" and disturbed every once in a while by watching films that contain disturbing scenes, images, and the likes.

By disturbing, I mean either scary, horror and/or gory films... unless you have another definition you might want to share. :)

Maybe some of you have experienced watching a film, and then, subsequently, either left your seat because you can't handle it or you weren't able to sleep for nights because of the scary or gory scenes in the film. That's the thrill I'm looking for hehe!

Here are some of my picks:

The Shining -- I'm talking about the 80's film starring Jack Nicholson. Although the movie is not as scary as it seems, the after effect really hit me. After watching it I can't go back to my own room to sleep!

Guinea Pig Series -- This is a japanese horror/gore series... I've only watched a couple but the degree of gore and blood that I've seen in those "couple" are but enough to last me for a few years! The scariest that I saw was "GUINEA PIG: The Devil's Experiment" wherein a person is being mutilated alive as an experiment. Lots of blood... and by that I mean A LOT.

The Blair Witch Project -- Watched it when I was fifteen and I should say that the final scene really gave me sleepless nights! This is a fake documentary, low-budget film that was a huge success in the US.

Cannibal Holocaust -- Probably the most disturbing film I've seen... Sure, Kill Bill has more blood... but this film is different. Definitely not for the faint-hearted. The film shows real animals being slaughtered, and if I'm not mistaken, this movie is banned in some countries because of the degree of violence, mutilation and gore. I wathced it when I was eight years old and until now the movie never fails to give me chillls! The movie caption itself is so creepy... "Better to rest in peace in the warm body of a friend than in the cold ground".

Others would include The Exorcist, Amityville Horror, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the one which was made a few years back... the one with a fake documentary of the chainsaw guy video in black and white shown in the beginning and towards the end of the movie), and The Omen.

What about you guys? What's the most disturbing film you've watched? Maybe you can share it here... see if it could break my "Cannibal Holocaust" record hehe! You can post either English or foreign language films... as long as it's disturbing!

Post away! :D


  • i dont know if it's considered film but the POSO videos on youtube grossed the fukkkk out of me.
  • FYI... Cannibal Holocaust is going to get butchered i mean REMADE by HOLLYWOOD, to be released 2009!
  • WHOA! I'll be interested to see this, but I'm sure not holding out for anything as or more shocking than the original (which sort of makes it seem more pointless than most remakes). My bet is it's going to be a tamed down version I guess... No one is going to do any real animal torture for a film... Not without consequences anyway.
  • ^^^ i dont think theyd be able to pull off another real animal king...

    hollywood is just full of sissies.
  • siguro ung "boys dont cry" ni hilary swank...
  • Old Boy - a Korean film
  • smocks wrote: »
    siguro ung "boys dont cry" ni hilary swank...

    Talaga? I thought it was rather good... But it's your call of course *okay*

    Come to think of it, there's this program on the Discovery Channel that's also disturbing at times, MEDICAL DETECTIVES... especially the eerie music at the end! The most horrifying episode that I saw was the case wherein the husband killed his wife using a Maglite flashlight (some sort of metal flashlight), wrapped the body in blanket, put it in a freezer, and then he leased a wood chipper and chipped his wife's body in a river to dispose of the evidence. Very creepy...
  • Nice timing. I was reading this while eating my breakfast. :vomit:

    I have a list of my own as well.

    1. Cannibal Holocaust - ive seen the original as well and i bet nothing beats that.i forgot where i got ahold of a copy of this. when i watched it, i was disturbed for quite some time. :eek:

    2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - original and remake. It's gory alright. it didn't stop me from doing road trips though. :lol:

    3. Saw Trilogy - blood and blood everywhere. Mutilation and torture seems to be the central theme of the trilogy.

    4. Hostel 1 - haven't seen the 2nd installment yet but i bet it's bloody as hell too.

    I'll think of some movies pa. I love disturbing and gory films eh. I'm sure I have more to add. :D
  • Juntrix wrote: »
    Guinea Pig Series -- This is a japanese horror/gore series... I've only watched a couple but the degree of gore and blood that I've seen in those "couple" are but enough to last me for a few years! The scariest that I saw was "GUINEA PIG: The Devil's Experiment" wherein a person is being mutilated alive as an experiment. Lots of blood... and by that I mean A LOT.
    i wish i haven't read your post at bigla tuloy akong na-curious sa movie na `to! hehehe.. i googled it up and almost ALL of the reviews and testimonials used the word 'SICK' and 'GORY' in describing this film/series. gusto ko tuloy i-download at ma-experience. haha!
  • 4. Hostel 1 - haven't seen the 2nd installment yet but i bet it's bloody as hell too.

    I think this one should be re-titled as "GORE after SEX" :lol:

    This movie really appealed to me at first because of the nudity :naughty: but after the first half of the film things get really crazy... with all the violence and stuff...

    It didn't disturb me enough, though... maybe because Paxton was able to retaliate... unlike Cannibal Holocaust or The Blair Witch Project wherein the main characters were so helpless 'til the end :superevil:
  • By the way, here's a linki to the Guinea Pig Seires I'm talking about...

    WARNING: This site contains VERY graphic and disturbing content... view at your own discretion...


    If you want a taste of the Guinea Pig Experience, Type in "guinea pig gore" on youtube... sa show results palang mapula na... :D
  • Natural Born Killers - maybe because I saw the movie when I was still a teenager :)
  • Here are some titles that are also dubbed as "Disturbing" but I haven't watched them yet...

    The Last Broadcast (a mockumentary)

    Cannibal Ferox (80's film about cannibals... almost similar to Cannibal Holocaust)

    The Poltergeist Trilogy (famous for the "Poltergeist curse", wherein 4 of the Real life actors died shortly after the films' release.)

    If you have already watched any of these films can you share your insights? That would entice us to watch them ourselves ;)

    OFF TOPIC: I just want to share this piece I got from the net about Cannibal Holocaust... the famous "impalement scene" pala might be authentic...

    "He (Deodato, the director) still faced the challenge, however, of proving that the impalement scene was merely special effects. In court, he explained how the effect was achieved: a bicycle seat was attached to the end of an iron pole, on which the actress sat. She then took a short length of balsa wood and held it in her mouth and looked skyward, thus making it look like she had been impaled. When demonstrated, however, there was no one who was able to stay as motionless as the actress in the movie. Since she was merely a local girl in Colombia, she was unable to be located. Though the suspicion remained, the courts dropped all murder charges against Deodato."

    Freaky.... :eek:
  • two that come to mind are "Last House on the Left", about a teenage girl who gets gang raped then disemboweled then later her parents kill the gang that murders her; and "Bad Lieutenant" starring Harvey Keitel about a corrupt police detective who investigates a nun who got gang raped inside a church.
  • If by disturbing, we mean something that causes a person to squirm and sit on his/her hands while watching even though there's no gore at all, then I'd say the movie HAPPINESS is near the top of my list.

    If by disturbing, we are referring to the gross-but-not-gory factor, then it's PINK FLAMINGOS hands-down.

    If by disturbing, we refer to the level of gore and blood and chopped body parts, then DEAD ALIVE is tops. But for the reality freaks out there, I have a VCD I got in Malaysia called SHOCKING ASIA, which is a documentary showing crime scenes and accident scenes, that gives the POSO videos on youtube a run for their money.
  • It was a book before it became a film, but just the same, Lord of the Flies was hella disturbing.
  • PERFUME - the story of a murderer.

    its a British movie about a French killer.
  • Anyone who has watched Hostel II? Is it any good?:)
  • You want disturbing? Watch the documentaries at youtube about Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, Ted Bundy, Wayne Gacy as well as Issei Sagawa. And these are REAL stories. All the movies you mentioned are nothing to these guys.
  • the CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST movie in 2009 would not be a remake it would be a sequel to the original one to be directed by DEODATO as well..


    In 2005, Ruggero Deodato officially announced that he planned to make a sequel to Cannibal Holocaust.[28] Though he has written two screenplays, filming has yet to begin. Deodato was later hesitant about directing his new film, thinking that he would make it too violent for American audiences. However, while in Prague filming his cameo appearance in Hostel: Part II, Deodato received the chance to view the original Hostel and decided that he would direct after all, citing Hostel as a similarly violent film that made a mainstream release in America.[41] The film is scheduled for release in 2009.
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