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Feedback on Solomon Guest House

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Just want to share this to people from CSB:

This hostel/hotel of some sort is near my place and so I opted to have my relatives stay there. Checked out the place, its cozy naman, price is reasonable. Sabi ng mga staff, no need na for reservation since may nag aattend naman.

Today the big day, I called. my relatives were already at the airport and asked, not really to reserve but just to check things out, made sure things were okay. a guard picked up the phone, very polite naman and told me they will not be able to accept any guest kasi daw walang pasok today, walang mag aattend sa guests oh my! never heard of a hotel that closes shop. my relatives were already at the airport. hala!

naku, so i decided na lang to choose another place.

anyway, un lang. ibang klase.

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  • you have to understand that solomon guest house is where hrim ojt students work...

    so if you think about it... talagang magsasara sila kasi nga walang pasok.
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