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Can anyone comment on AUP (Adventist University Of The Philippines)?

Can anyone comment on AUP (Adventist University Of The Philippines)? How good is this school? What is the reputation of this school? Thank you.


  • Am currently taking up my post grad studies here and I'm loving it. Para kaming United Nations. :D

    Am not a Seventh Day Adventist, btw.
  • PokemonSapphirePokemonSapphire PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    when I was in my 4th year days back in high school (last year)

    it was my 4th or 5th choice.


    if ever i failed the UPCAT, DLSUCET and the ACET.

    i would probably go in AUP.


    been there twice, ang layo but the environment was pretty fine.

    Silang, Cavite? haha
  • ^^

    That's what I really love about it. The environment. Very conducive for studying. Too bad though for those without wheels, I think. Public transpo is hard to come by in that area.

    LB and AUP... hehehehe, it's the environment that makes them schools I love to study in.
  • what courses are these schools known for? how hard is it to get into school?

    is this in the top 10 colleges/universities in the philippines?

    i only heard this school recently, and so now im curious.Thank you for any positive or negative reviews about the school.
  • PokemonSapphirePokemonSapphire PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I would highly recommend AUP for medtech and OR for NURSING, sa dami ba naman na Adventist hopitals na nagkalat sa Pinas at sa states eh talagang ok ka....haha

    all in all muka namang ok dun.

    In my opinion, nasa top 20 sya pero I doubt nasa top 10 sya.

    pero in God's time pwedeng pwede maging top ten sa Academic Arena.

    uhm by the way Adventist ako. Seventh day Adventist's usually choose either AUP or in MVC ( in bukidnon ) to pursue their undergraduate studies, ehehehe mukang na iba ako.

    pero I'm very happy in my school. haha
  • im not really an adventist. but it doesnt bother me that this is an adventist school. Im just curious about their academics. Their website is down. ASide from nursing and medtech, what other courses are AUP known for? What about english education? etc..thank you
  • I think they're ok when it comes to english ed. I have classmates kasi who are taking their masters in english there and most are foreigners. Ok naman sila.

    I'm currently taking up my Master of Science in Nursing degree there.
  • PokemonSapphirePokemonSapphire PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    mukang ok dun.

    maraming foreigners dun (adventist foreigners from around the globe). ma prapractice mo english mo.

    madami dun, karamihan either black american or african.

    haha, basta ok din dun....pero it's your choice if you want to pursue your undergraduate studies in AUP. Just do your best ok
  • what percentage of the population are foreigners? i believe that if a large percentage of the population is made up of foreigners, then this might be a good place to learn and practice English.
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