gano excel

are you familiar w/ ganoderma?

my friend is convincing me to buy gano excel, a food suplement, for my underweight 18-month-old baby who has very poor appetite. i've been trying to read about this on the net but i'm not satisfied with what i've read so far.

will this be safe for my baby? if i decide to take this for myself, how would this affect me or my baby? i'm still breastfeeding.


  • marblesmarbles Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    is your baby still fully dependent on breastmilk? Have you started him/her on solids? Have you brought your baby to a pediatrician?
  • sirenasirena fisherman's friend PExer
    don't feed your baby with gano excel products.
    Bring him to a pediatrician. Consult a doctor.

    BTW i had a very bad experience with the previous
    management of Gano Excel. Especially with the
    Malaysian Chinese guy who managed the company.
    He is such an A*****E!!!!!!
  • nanaynanay Member PExer
    i decided not to give gano supplements to my baby. i gave her appebon instead. she seems to be making progress. her appetite's much better now. thanks for the replies.

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