Dionne Monsanto - PBB2's Lovable Sweetheart Thread 1


Name: Dionne Dennia Monsanto
Origin: Cebu
Age: 21
Birthdate: December 5, 1985
Birthplace: Cebu
Nationality: Filipino
Describe yourself: Faithful, analytical, savvy, passionate, fun
Biggest Failure: "Not graduating with honors."

A multiple beauty titlist, Dionne's stints in local pageants paved the way for her sports writing, modelling and acting careers. But it was not an easy path to success for the 21-year-old lass for she has had her share of hardships since her parents separated when she was young. She saw how her mother struggled with financial and emotional difficulties, taking on also the role of the head of the family. Dionne took all the trials in their life as her inspiration to succeed.
-- credits to Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 Official Website

Dionne avers she can't live without her lip balm, her "engagement" ring, mom's picture, necklace and bracelet because all have sentimental value to her. A local celebrity back in Cebu, she has been joining beauty pageants since she was four. Her job as VJ, TV Host, and actress require her to be serious most of the time but she is still able to see the lighter side of things, even at her own expense: one time she lined up at the Cebu Pacific counter, only to realize that her ticket was for PAL.


Despite her background, Dionne is well-educated. She knows what to say and when to say it. She comes off like a rich, snobbish colegiala, but the truth is that Dionne has experienced what it's like to have nothing.

-- Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 Magazine


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