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Burning Ferrari F430 @ South Luzon Expressway!

Burning Ferrari @ SouthLuzon Expressway

Check the pics out! KaBoom!!!



  • backstory?

    Wow.... scarlet red car's burning.... WOW is all i can say.. those pics feel kinda eerie... i guess you don't see a scarlet red car everyday.. much less burning.

    coolest crash i've seen so far sa south express is an X3. di na judge yung truck na nakapark sa gilid. ayud natamaan yung truck bed pagka change lane nya.

    yupi yung buong passenger side.
  • pano kaya sya nasunog? i wonder what the owner must be feeling...
  • ^ kung financing.. edi.. bahal na yung insurance na magbayad sa ferrari dealer!
  • blu3tooth
    blu3tooth htoot3ulb
    reminds me of the Fita commercial...

    sports car! yun red!
  • Ada
    Ada Administrator
    Here're pictures of the car before it got toasted:





    Pics courtesy of John Chua and Ann Francisco, PinoyPhotography.org
  • erwinjansen
    erwinjansen AnG kaTAwanan nI KUya!!
    yea saw this yesterday!! we were passing by SLEX going to UPLB then we saw this ferrari...mga 8-9 wala na yung fire
  • Aranda_Bay
    Aranda_Bay Banned by Admin
    Pwede pa yung two front wheels. Baka may spare pa sa hood. Yung steering wheel kaya ok pa?
  • How much does this Ferrari costs in terms of Pesos?

    What's the cause of the fire? Fuel leakage?
  • Nightmare_Beta
    Nightmare_Beta The Final Pillar of Hope
    now why did that happen? I hope it's not because it's too hot.

    someone must be crying right now.
  • "How much does this Ferrari costs in terms of Pesos?"

    it's about 150,000 usd.

    that's mga 7.5M plus taxes.. goes to about 15Million Php maybe?
  • What a waste man! The engine is totally charred! Yeah, indeed, somebody must be crying.
  • grayegcivic
    grayegcivic LoveMYWRXSTiToo
    Parting out the remaining front part? Dibs on the stearing wheel..LOL.
    Sorry to see that thing went to waste.....sigh!!!
  • Can "pimp my ride" fix this? lol
  • blankspace06
    blankspace06 Banned by Admin
    Ferrari F430's got some engine overheating problems. Madami na daw ganyang cases worldwide.

    From wikipedia
    The F430 has displayed a notable engine irradiation problem for early model years. This issue regards an engine-overheating flaw which caused a fire in the engine bay, usually leading to the destruction of the car. The catalyst for the fire is the sustained high-RPM work of the engine. The massive heat exhaust flowing through the exhaust manifold may come in contact to a variety of hoses or oil perspiration which act as the fuel for the combustion.
  • schumi
    schumi F1 Weltm?ister
    i feel sorry for the owner :c

    maybe he's readying up for the All-new F430 Scuderia

    it's not yet out. nakalimutan ko na kung kailan launching pero, MichaelS will do the honors of unveiling the Scuderia

    here's some "oh teh yummy!" pics

  • Verbl Kint
    Verbl Kint The Usual Suspect
    The F430 Berlinetta's going rate is 23 million pesos.

    I wonder what the insurance company will say once they get the police report.
  • nabasa ko ito sa ibang forum.. A friend of the owner said na parang papalitan daw ng Ferrari yung nasunog na unit.. Covered daw ito nung Warranty.. Sabi din na parang nagkaroon ng fluid leak dun sa isang mainit na part ng makina kaya nasunog..

    Anyway, ito yung post niya..
    Yup, this was yesterday, around 7:30 am to about 8:30 when the flat bed arrived to scoop it up.

    The car owner is a good friend, and I was with him yesterday...actually right behind him when the fire started. We were driving a bit quicker at the skyway, but when we reached SLEX, we slowed down because of traffic. The incident happened right before the Susana Heights exit (800 mteres from it). We were following each other (there were about 8 of us doing a leisurely sunday drive) at the part of SLEX where the lanes were guided by plastic orange things...so it at about 60 km/h. The car started to accelerate a bit after the single lane guide, and the fire erupted form the left rear bank of the car.

    Thought it was an engine blow out, but it was actually a fluid leak on to the hot exhaust part of the car. We tried to get a fire extinguisher but the only one available came too late, and was not enough to stop the fire.

    The owner stepped out of the car immediately after he saw the rear fire errupt in his sidemirror. It did not blow up, just burned (up to 20 feet fire) until the entire rear half melted and the fire truck came to stop it.

    It was an unreal sight, and was a very sad moment. Luckily the car is covered under warranty still, and there are worldwide reported incedents of similar events!

    at eto pa..
    Yes, gladly there was no one hurt, and provided a lot of entertinment for a lot of people.

    The only disappointing thing of the day (apart from the burning car of course) is the group of Alessandra racing...the Madrigal family in a convoy of escalade and Ford F150 with the racing graphics, who was in a convoy presumably going karting to carmona...passed the fire...at quite an early stage I might add...did not even stop to offer help but instead started to clap slowly at the loss of my friend. Crab mentality at its peak!

  • that wasted f430 was a really sad incident. also reminds me of the one-half 360 modena "sports car, yung red!" the guy wished from a commercial before.

    ferrari sure has some reliability issues with that model. based on the pics, the aluminum body was melted by the fire. good thing it's insured, though.
  • Kaya ayoko bumili ng Ferrari eh.. :rotflmao:
  • ako hindi ako bibili ng ferrari... kc

    wala akong pambili... haha!!
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