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back itch

i dont know what is the right med term..

lagi na kasing nangangati likod ko...

help po..



  • marblesmarbles PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Ask a family member or friend to check your back for any lesions (eg. redness, rashes, rough areas, plaques, etc.). If they find anything suspicious, you need to have it checked by a doctor.

    Maybe you could provide more details regarding your itchy back. How long has it been itching? When did you notice that it became itchy? Is it progressing/becoming worse?

    If you perspire heavily, change clothes more often, preferably cotton. You can also use powder for your back.

    Have you used any new body products or had a body scrub/massage done recently? You might be allergic to some of the components of that product.

    If your back doesn't have open wounds or abrasions (aka gasgas) due to scratching, you can apply Calamine or anthistamine lotion for itch relief.
  • hmmmmmmmmm.

    thanks po..

    napansin po namin..

    may red spot.. i mean,,parang pimples..

    but hindi naman daw pimples..

    parang tinutusok ng needles yong itch,,,,

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