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ABS-CBN: Margarita (Starring Wendy Valdez)

kyupaybkyupayb Objective Threadstarter ✭✭✭
PBB’s ‘Bad Girl’ plays a burlesque queen
By Ricky Lo
Saturday, July 21, 2007


Will, rather can, Wendy Valdez, known as the “Bad Girl” from the house of Big Brother — or, as her detractors loved to call her, Kontrabida ng Bayan — out-sexy Vilma Santos and/or Ina Raymundo in the “daring” role of a burlesque queen?

Knowing Wendy to be bold and, that’s it, daring, somebody who didn’t mince words inside Big Brother’s house and thereby incurred the ire of the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) followers, I can say that the squatter girl from Malabon will, and can, do just that.

In her acting debut in the forthcoming ABS-CBN teleserye titled Margarita, Wendy plays a burlesque queen, a role calculated to enhance her image as a “bad” girl, a “title” Wendy takes with a grain of salt judging from the casual, insouciant way she acknowledged the jeers at the Big Dome during PBB’s grand elimination night where Wendy emerged as one of the Top 4 (grand-prize winner was Beatrice Saw). Thankfully, nobody made good their threat to throw tomatoes at her.

ABS-CBN guys make it clear that Margarita is not a TV remake of neither the bold-drama Burlesk Queen which starred Vilma Santos in the mid-’70s nor the 1990’s remake titled Burlesk Queen Ngayon with Ina Raymundo (she showed “all,” didn’t she?) as lead star.

“Margarita is not an adaptation,” assured ABS-CBN exec Deo Endrinal. “It’s an original story. Nagkataon lang na Wendy’s role is that of a burlesque queen.”

Scheduled to premiere next Monday night, July 30, as part of ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida block, Margarita also topbills Diether Ocampo and Bruce Quebral (also a PBB graduate) as Wendy’s leading men.

Other members of the cast are Elizabeth Oropeza as Wendy’s stepmother; Rio Locsin as Wendy’s mother; **** Israel as Wendy’s father; Joseph Bitangcol as Wendy’s brother; John Manalo as Wendy’s half-brother; Sharlene San Pedro as Wendy’s half-sister; and Keanna Reeves (another PBB graduate) as Wendy’s mentor and friend.


  • kyupaybkyupayb Objective Threadstarter ✭✭✭
    akala ko kokey ang uunahin nila.. eto pala.. wala manlang balita about dito.. ang nabalita ay yung sineserye ng babangon ako't dudurugin kita.. bigger than that pa pala ang project for wendy.. ilang weeks palang from pbb house, may primetime show agad.. si kim at gerald, natagalan pa bago ngkashow.. sana she'll pull it off..
  • laSPIKElaSPIKE Banned by Admin PExer
    this show is so sudden, it came out of the blue o_o
  • iRebirthiRebirth **** ✭✭✭
    kawawa naman si Diether, inihanay sa basurang pinulot ng ABSCBN.
  • imeannoharmimeannoharm paparazzi PExer

    visit robert and saicy's forum

    click the picture!

    thanks po sa lahat ng andito..*okay*
  • CHOLECHOLE Have Faith! :) PExer
    ito lang ang masasabi ko

    goodluck na lang..............
  • flymeflyme Member PExer
    haha. now it's confirmed .. she sold her body talaga para lang mabalik sa PBB house.. abs talaga, tsk tsk tsk .. losers
  • shekasheka Kooki | Van | Raffy :P PExer
    kawawa naman si DIETHER!!! love na love ko pa namn sana siya sana di nya na lang tinanggap! haaaayY! i wont watch this! duh!
  • reivenstarrreivenstarr perky_single_freak PExer
    anu ba naman to. pfft.
  • ruri_asagiruri_asagi adventurer ✭✭✭
    ang chaka ng cast! except for rio locsin
  • v(",)nv(",)n you've been on my mind. PExer
    :lol: wahahahaha
  • mhjl_10mhjl_10 Member PExer
    ang pangit nung pic putek... parang dvd cover for a really bad porno film! :yuck:
  • TFC_KingTFC_King Banned by Admin PExer
    actually ok na sana kaso bakit sinama si bruce!! :vomit: parang minadali nila ipalabas!! :bop: ...sana 1 season lang..3 monther!! :p
  • mjoyousDT31mjoyousDT31 I ♥ my DIET! PExer
    kyupayb wrote: »
    PBB’s ‘Bad Girl’ plays a burlesque queen[
    By Ricky Lo
    Saturday, July 21, 2007

    Scheduled to premiere next Monday night, July 30, as part of ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida block, Margarita also topbills Diether Ocampo and Bruce Quebral (also a PBB graduate) as Wendy’s leading men.

    WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is totally out of the blue! kasama si papa ko! i'm not sure if i should rejoice or what! :bop: i have no clue who wendy is kc di naman ako nanonood ng pbb pero base sa mga nabasa ko after reading this article :eek:

    :rolleyes: well...i's up up up for this thread :lol:

    FOR THE LOVE OF DIET & Sharlene *okay* :glee:
  • TFC_KingTFC_King Banned by Admin PExer
    guess ko lang sa timeslot.... siguro after to ng WK....and yung WSAYF ay timeslot ng rounin!! :)
  • franz15franz15 Member PExer
    Dapat sa last 'to kapalit ng Rounin and I hope this will run for only 6 weeks just like sineserye...
  • TFC_KingTFC_King Banned by Admin PExer
    si john estrada nalang kaya instead of bruce!! :bop:..since MFDL..wala pa syang follow up project!! :bop: ....i bet hindi marunong umarte yang si bruce!! :bop: .....and si kristine hermosa nalang kaya instead of wendy...para sa comeback project nya!! :bop:

    ....kainis ang ABS pinapabayaan yung magaling na artista!!! :bop:
  • windbreaker06windbreaker06 ***EDWIN*** PExer
    ang lakas ni wendy sa abs
  • lornicklornick Lornick PExer
    ???...uhm dapat veteran actors like i dont know angelika dela cruz??...Kaye Abad??.. yung mga sexy actresses pero they have experience in acting!? mas bagay si John estrada dito eh sayang talaga magaling din si rio locsin im sure she'll shine in her role
  • OstrogothOstrogoth Member PExer
    ill give this show a chance...
  • queen_of_gothqueen_of_goth Flash Forward PExer
    The way I see it, she has been an ABS pet all along. When she guested in DOND, her intro video mentioned that she used to be one of the 26k girls. After which, she joined PDA. When she didn't make it, they put her in PBB. What a "discreet" way to introduce a new ABS "talent". :bop:

    Obviously, this show is rushed. Anything to flaunt their new "talent". Way to go ABS. :rolleyes:
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