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From Top Corporate Employee to Business Multimillionaire

Still stuck in the corporate life?

I have always thought that top corporate people are pretty happy with their lives. After all they are among the most highly paid in the company. Sadly this is not the case. Often I encounter top people (managers, VPs and CEOs) who are not content with their life. True they earn a lot, but they barely have time to spend it. Too much money, not enough time.

In a worse situation are common employees that make the majority of the workforce who are, as they say, "overworked and underpaid."

They would often dream of switching from an employee to a business person, but the biggest hurdle is probably not the capital, but HOW to make the transition.

Join us on Monday, July 23 at the AIM (Asian Institute of Management) with Ambrose Ngo. Ambrose is a former CEO of two banks in Hong Kong. With little knowledge in business, he got started anyway and is now a self-made multi-millionaire. Ambrose will share how he did it: what business he did, what to expect when making the jump from corporate employee to business owner and what challenges he faced and how he overcame them.

Seats are very limited and this event is FREE through me (I happen to know the organizers of the event). Just inform me of your attendance, and I'll have your seat ready for you.

This is a part of my promise to one of my mentors to educate people about entrepreneurship.

To reserve seats, send me an email or private message or through my mobile number. As this event is for free and seats are limited, please make sure that you are really serious in your desire to switch from an employee to business person before you reserve.

When: July 23 Monday, 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Where: Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Benavidez Street, Makati City.
Contact Person: Jason Estimado (that's me) 0916-5387103

Don't miss this one-time event.


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