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Car radio shops for iPod connection

Can anyone please recommend a place where I can take my car to have it "wired" so that I can plug my iPod, MP3 player, or MiniDisc?

Am not interested in the Harman Kardon iPod player because then I can only use my iPod. I just want a basic input plug so that I have the flexibility to use different devices.

Thanks very much.


  • Just buy a head-unit that can accept a stereo cable. Thats the easiest way to do it.
  • slamm
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    Does your car have an CD changer? What's the brand of your head unit (HU)? If you have a CD changer input and your HU is a popular brand like Alpine, Pioneer, etc then you can get a cable that plugs in for that. On cars without CD changer controls, there is a wiring unit that is sold but it's more expensive at around 4-5K i think (I see for popular OEM HUs like the Toyotas, Hondas and Mitsus)... at 4-5K i might just buy a new Pioneer HU which already has an auxilary input for the Ipod/MP3 players. Try looking at Ginza in Banawe...
  • HansMon
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    My current HU only has a single disc CD player and no auxillary capability. Although with my previous car whose HD had a 6-cd changer, I was able to have it wired in such a way that I was given a blank/program CD to play and a wire was installed for me to plug my external audio devices to (iPod, MD, MP3). I am wondering where and if I can also have that done to my current HU. Will try Banawe.

    Muchas Gracias for the advice!
  • Try the wireless FM tuner available in cellphone stores also selling iPod products. I got one in Quiapo where I can play my iPod via the car stereo. The FM tuner and the Car stereo tuner should be synchronized in order for the Ipod to transmit sound. The sound quality is good, Equalizers and volume is good. What's good is that the FM tuner I bought works also with Laptops, PDA's, mobile phones, and other mp3 players with earphone jacks.

    And it's not expensive...I just had to shell out P350 for it.

    by the way, this is just if you would opt to go 'wireless'.
  • HansMon
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    ^^ Thanks for this tip as well. Actually, I don't mind being "wired". I've been getting by with my brother's iTrip which is supposedly the newer version that lets me select frequencies. The problem is, if I pass an area with a lot of radio stations, I get interference and static. Same goes for when I am on the North Expressway. I know it sounds nitpicky but with a wired set-up, you never get static or interference so I would rather go with that.

    Thanks again though. 350 ain't a bad price compared to the darn 3k price-tag of those iTrips.
  • shun_sakurai
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    There are head units that can readily accept iPods and other MP3 players with the simple addition of a 3.5mm male-to-male aux-in cable worth PhP50. Some of the more sophisticated ones even have direct control over the iPod via a much pricier cable.

    My head unit is one of those: I got my Pioneer DEH-P7950UB from Autoline in Makati for PhP12,000. It's USB-ready out of the box, so it'll accept flash drives or external hard disks, as seen in the photo link below. Add another PhP1,500 or so for the CD-IB100II cable for iPod direct control (you can control it from the headunit itself).

    If you don't need the USB capability, the DEH-P6950IB costs PhP10,500 or so. Otherwise it's almost identical to its 7950 brother.
  • HansMon
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    ^^ Wow, thanks! Will make a trek to Banaue one of these days as well.
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    One caveat with the 7950: it was very hard to find when I was looking for it. For your sake, if you're looking for the same model, I hope supply is better now.

    If you decide to look for other head units you can look for ones with "aux-in" capability. Most of these use either your usual 3.5mm stereo mini plug/jack connection for portable players, or a proprietary connection (e.g. Pioneer's IP-Bus and other manufacturers' equivalents) for CD changers and other equipment.

    Some models, like most Sony HUs and Pioneer's low-end offferings, have their aux-in jacks at the front for convenience. Others like mine have them at the rear, because of motorized faceplates and whatnot.

    FYI :) I hope this helps
  • HansMon
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    ^^ Oh it definitely helps. Thanks!
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    If you don't mind negative brand bias, Sony's Xplod HU line has 3.5mm line-in/aux-in jacks on almost every model---the cheapest of which starts under PhP4k if I remember correctly. Their cheapest USB-capable HU is a mid-spec one that starts at PhP10k.

    The stock Alpine HU of the Jazz VTEC also accepts iPods too...I'm not sure which model it is though. I'm also a little lost on how it connects---via 3.5mm jack or a dedicated iPod dongle?

    Pricier HUs usually have two aux-in sources. The Pioneer 7950 and 6950 for instance have one each for the 3.5mm jack and IP-Bus port at the rear. If you've got an iPod and another player, you can hook up the iPod to the IP-Bus using the relevant cable for direct control, and connect the latter via the 3.5mm jack.
  • Hey there...are you still looking for an iPod gadget for your car? I'm sure i can help you. I work in a company where we sell iPod car solutions. We have several iPod enhancements for your car. We cater to almost all brands and models. Just give a call or text me at 0918-6557726 or email me at [email protected]. Hope to hear from you soon.
  • HansMon
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    ^^ Thanks again blinker!

    Sorry for the hardsell but for anyone with a similar problem, I highly recommend you call blinker and head to their shop on Pasong Tamo Extension. 15 mins. to install. No splicing. Super linis nung pagkagawa tapos warrantied pa for a year. For those of you interested in having TV's/monitors for your cars installed, they carry these products as well.

    Ingat lahat.
  • buhayin ko lang tong thread na to hehe

    what's the cheapest car radio (with am/fm) i can buy that i connect my ipod mini to?

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