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Welcome to [highlight]Johnatics-HYPE Squad[/highlight] Sanctuary 27

We made sanctuaries, houses, and mansions. Soon we will have a city! Johnatics-HYPE, this is your residence…


HYPE (noun) – Hott Yummy Provacative Edge

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  • hypestarhl1.png

    [highlight]John Prats[/highlight]

    …Born Feruary 14,1984
    Raised Philippines.…
    …Standing at 5'6"
    Reppin’ the Filipino race…
    …Famous for Dancing, Acting, Modeling, Playing Drums


    Miakka Lim: John is unbelievably the only person who can make me smile and give me goosebumps without having to do anything
    Divine_Dorkette: Pratzy! A great person who took the showbiz by storm! With his good looks, charming personality, and incredible talent, he is incomparable. I LOVERZ U! You are the best!
    Mestisa_cute: Versatile actor and Crush Ng Bayan!
    Baller08: John Prats is LUPIT! MY DREAM BOY!
    Mellie_Bellie: The love of my life!
    Pincess_melai: Handsome, talented, versatile actor. Rocks the dance floor!
    Bean23n9: John’s sensuous eyes, melts me with a glare. His amazingly beautiful smile brightens up my ambience. He is primarily the unsurpassed gentleman of all!
    joceejag: John Prats is pretty much everything what the Johnatics say....plus this: John Prats is beyond extraordinary...super cute, caring, great dancer, versatile actor, role model, loving brother, friend, and son. He has been blessed with many gifts. There aren't enough words to describe him- his actions say it all. Thank you John Prats for being who you are; you bring so much happiness into my life! I LOVE YOU JOHN PRATS! Forever and ever, Amen.
    EnJoen: John u can be my first pls wait for me in the P.I.

    What can u say?
  • cro.png

    [highlight]HYPE Squad Commanding Role Officers[/highlight]
    John Prats Website Moderator: Icee
    John Prats Website Co-Moderator: Melody
    JP’s Myspace HYPE Manager: Divine
    JP’s Friendster Moderator: Icee
    JP’s Friendster Co-Moderator: Ericka
    Johnatics Gallery Manager: Bossy
    JP’s Yahoo Group Leader: Icee
    HYPE Producer: Divine
    Production Designs Managers: Bossy and Divine
    Reporter: Melody
    Broadcasters: Ken and Icee
    Advertiser: Jocee and Ericka

    Want to be a HYPE Squad Role Officer? Tell us about the role you want to pertain, and a short and sweet clarification of what you can contribute for the squad.
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    [highlight]JOHNATICS LIST[/highlight]

    1. übossyü (tin)
    2. jpvw (shane)
    3. Peaches01 (jona)
    4. morena_babe (leah)
    5. iHEARTu (anj)
    6. say_sam4ever (berna)
    7. zeight (zeight)
    8. Lovely_Lorie (lorie)
    9. Carla_Fans (CF)
    10. hello_kitty14 (kristin)
    11. mestisa_cute (erica)
    12. moxiemitch (mox)
    13. charmedkitten
    14. I_aM_cHuM (icee)
    15. babylyn (babylyn)
    16. super_kawaii (elle)
    17. princess_melai (melody)
    18. haz (hazel)
    19. zhouqini
    20. TFC Godfather (joey)
    21. mystic_heart (joanna)
    22. ktkulit (katie)
    23. pinkkathleen (kath)
    24. red_snoopy8 (red)
    25. mkris721 (kris)
    26. ASHLEYakaASH (ash)
    27. -"abh!e07-" (abhie)
    28. blu_09 (ann)
    29. kick_azz_kris (kris)
    30. jpfanatic (kristine)
    31. Baller08 (armie)
    32. bean23n9 (bean)
    33. prettygurl04 (jayne)
    34. bebe27
    35. May_I (may)
    36. iluvjp (joce)
    37. justine_castillo (justine)
    38. lovely_myeth (myeth)
    39. sambuddy_dengel (avvie)
    40. kaitee (maritess)
    41. saye (saye)
    42. Annetz/ annphobulouz (ann)
    43. love_john (joan)
    44. scastra22 (shiela)
    45. reppin
    46. anomoly (kyle)
    47. tin2marie (justine)
    48. jaynormous (jay)
    49. Heartwearmer24 (oreo)
    50. alayne127 (alayne)
    51. maee (carla) justMAE
    52. joceejag (jocee)
    53. gvmmy (MJ)
    54. joey08 (joey)
    55. pia_visaya42 (pia)
    56. Meant2b Sharay (gemz)
    57. arian (arian)
    58. ellebeam14 (bel)
    59. racer00 (rhai)
    60. ardine (ardine)
    61. wela_16
    62. truelovepj (risse)
    63. Divine_Dorkette (divine)
    64. prinzefdenz
    65: joy-aztig- (joy)
    66. princess_mia (mia)
    67. trishakamille/trishia_kamille (trish)
    68. kayester. (kaye)
    69. Sheerena_Cruz (sheerena)
    70. TrUE JohNatic93 (karl)
    71. Mellie_Bellie (melissa)
    72. Appletej (tej)
    75. ning (ning)
    76. missmoknat (meryll)
    77. nestle04 (nestle)

    Please check-in…

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    [highlight]HYPE Squad[/highlight]

    …divine of Oahu, HI {08.13.88}
    …michael of San Diego, CA {04.22}
    …ivy of Haysatck 510 {02.13.88}
    …tin of Lynnwood, WAS
    …meynard of Hawaii, USA {09.08.88}
    …katrina of Australia {05.12.88}
    …felice of Manila, PI {05.15.91}
    …marvin of National City, AL
    …flordeliza of Subic, PI
    …meryll of Australia {12.31.91}
    …eizel of Arizona, USA {10.24.92}
    …fatima of Florida, USA {05.17.85}
    …jocee of California, USA {07.22.94}
    …janna of USA {07.07}
    …justine of Antelope, CA {03.06.90}
    …sheerena of Saipan {11.26.88}
    …tej of Philippines {02.05.85}
    …ning of Philippines {11.11.91}
    …armie of Washington, USA {03.02.87}
    …maritess of Philippines {01.08.88}
    …maycel of Philippines {05.04.88}
    …shaira of Pennsylvania, USA {06.11}
    …icee of Philippines {10.05.85}
    …joanna of Las Vegas, NV {12.11.91)
    …ericka of Makati, PI {07.16.91}
    …denise of Buffalo Grove, IL {05.24.90}
    …melody of Philippines {05.06.86}
    …julian of Long Beach, CA {10.20.89}
    …nicole of California {10.27.94}
    …krissy of San Francisco, CA {11.24.87}
    …tin of Australia {03.28.92}
    …ken of Cebu City, PI {10.23.84}
    …alma of Philippines {03.12}

    Can you handle this?


    To get a HYPE Squad id, contact Role Officer, Divine
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    Batch 3

  • happybdayso6.png

    [highlight]HAPPY BIRTHDAY![/highlight]

    February 14, 1984

    Kaitee (Maritess)
    January 8, 1988

    Appletej (Tej)
    February 2, 1985

    Baller08 (Armie)
    March 2, 1987

    Ellebeam_14 (Bel)
    April 14, 1987
    Mellie_Bellie (Melissa)
    April 24, 1990

    Princess_melai (Melody)
    May 6, 1986


    Mestisa_cute (Ericka)
    July 16, 1991
    Mkris721 (Kris)
    July 21, 1984
    Joceejag (Jocee)
    July 22, 1994

    Divine_Dorkette (Divine)
    August 13, 1988

    EnJoEn (Joen)
    September 5, 1986
    Bean23n9 (Fiona)
    September 9, 1986

    I_Am_cHuM (Icee)
    October 5, 1985

    Iluvjp (Jo)
    October 8, 1982

    Ning (Ning)
    November 11, 1991
    Justinecastillo (Justine)
    November 22, 1991
    Sheerena_Cruz (Sheerena)
    November 26, 1988

    Mystic_Heart (Joanna)
    December 11, 1991
    Missmoknat (Meryll)
    December 31, 1991

    When did the doctor spank your bottom?
  • reminscetj6.png

    [highlight]Reminisce: Sanctuary 26 Highlights[/highlight]


    06.18.07 PEP: Glaiza De Castro to be launched in “Rokenrol"
    First introduced sa pelikulang Cool Dudes 24/7 ng Regal Films, marami-rami na ring pelikula ang nagawa ni Glaiza de Castro, especially last year when she was able to do five: Regal's Manay Po, White Lady, and Zsazsa Zaturnnah Ze Moveeh and Star Cinema's Sukob and Pacquiao.

    This year, bibigyan na rin siya ng chance to make it on her own, but not with either Regal Films or Star Cinema.

    Tapos na ang negotiation and puwede na raw ibalita ang sinasabing launching movie ni Glaiza, ang Rokenrol (rock and roll). Not a remake of the Nora Aunor musical noon with Maryo J. de Los Reyes, more of Almost Famous starring Kate Hudson ang kuwento ng pelikula directed by Quark Henares and co-produced by Quark himself with Dondon Monteverde's Reality Entertainment .

    First week of July ang start ng shoot.

    Tatlo ang partners ni Glaiza sa movie, all ABS-CBN stars—sina John Prats, Alwyn Uytingco, and Diether Ocampo.

    Glaiza used to be an ABS-CBN talent bago siya lumipat late last year sa GMA-7 starting with Fantastikids bilang partner ni Marky Cielo and as replacement kay Jackie Rice. Her first primetime soap with the Kapuso network is Asian Treasures, co-starring with her deadringer na si Angel Locsin. Magsasama muli sila ni Marky sa Boys Nxt Door, ang teen show na magsisimula na this Sunday, June 24.


    06.09.07 PEP: Shaina Magdayao, torn between Rayver Cruz and John Prats?
    Dinalaw ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ang shooting ng 2007 Metro Manila Film Festival official entry na Katas ng Saudi sa V Mall sa Greenhills noong June 7. Nakausap namin doon ang young actress na si Shaina Magdayao, na gumaganap na anak nina Lorna Tolentino at Jinggoy Estrada sa pelikula.
    Siyempre, ang tungkol kina Rayver Cruz at John Prats ang una naming tinanong sa young actress. Ayon kay Shaina, nanliligaw pa rin sa kanya si Rayver at hindi raw totoong tumigil na ito dahil sa intriga kina Shaina at John.

    Sa kabila nito ay patuloy pa rin ang pagli-link kina Shaina at John, lalo na ngayong break na ang young actor sa girlfriend nitong si Miakka Lim. Balita pa nga na may nakakita raw na magkasama sina Shaina at John sa Libis, Quezon City.
    "Nagtataka po ako kung bakit nagkaroon ng ganoong issue na nakita kaming magkasama nang araw na 'yon. Sabi pa, maaga raw nandoon si John, samantalang gabi naman ako nagpunta doon at ang nakita ko si Camille [Prats, John's sister] with her friends. Kahit po ang pakikipag-break daw ni John kay Miakka, sabi ay dahil sa akin. Wala po akong alam doon."
    Tinanong din namin ang nakababatang kapatid ni Vina Morales kung paano ba manligaw si Rayver.
    "Maalaga po siya. Consistent sa pagtawag sa akin araw-araw kapag hindi kami magkasama. Pero most of the time po, parati naman kaming magkasama," sabi ni Shaina.
    Sa July 4 ay nakatakdang umalis sina Shaina at Rayver, with Bea Alonzo & John Lloyd Cruz and Kim Chiu & Gerald Anderson, for a series of shows sa ilang cities sa United States.


    05.28.07 PEP: John Prats confirms break-up with Miakka Lim
    Isang exclusive interview ang naganap sa pagitan ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at sa young actor na si John Prats. Sa kauna-unahang pagkakataon ay nagsalita si John tungkol sa naging break-up nila ng girlfriend niyang na si Miakka Lim after eight months.

    Hangga't maaari raw talaga ay ayaw na sanang magbigay pa ng pahayag ni John sa recent break-up niya with his non-showbiz girlfriend. Pero marami nga raw ang nagte-text at tumatawag sa kanya para hingan siya ng reaction.

    "Friends pa rin naman kami hanggang ngayon and okay naman 'yong naging pag-uusap naming dalawa. We had our reasons kung bakit kinakailangan naming mag-break. But then, the reason, my reason why I don't want to comment is because I respect the person and her privacy. Unang-una, alam naman nating lahat na hindi naman artista 'yung tao," simulang pahayag ni John tungkol sa pananahimik niya noong una.

    Eight months din daw tumagal ang relationship nila ni Miakka na nagsimula noong September 8, 2006. Three weeks ago pa lang daw nang pareho nilang mapagdesisyunan na mag-break na.
    LACK OF TIME. Ayon kay John, ang kakulangan ng panahon para sa girlfriend ang dahilan kung bakit sila naghiwalay.

    "Nagsimula kasi talaga 'yan noong bago mag-election. Siyempre, campaign period at sobrang busy talaga noong mga panahon na 'yon. Let's face it, ilang months lang naman ang campaign. So, ang nangyari, naging sobrang busy ko that time," sabi ni John, na isa sa nag-endorse sa kandidatura ni Migz Zubiri for senator.

    "So, during campaign period," patuloy niya, "may mga konting argument na. Although sinasabi naman niya na 'I understand.' Pero siyempre, iba 'yong nakikita mong napi-feel niya and I can't blame her for that. Talagang nahirapan ako na magkaroon ng time for her. Ako kasi 'yong taong I don't want to prioritize everything, I just want to balance everything.

    "At ang masasabi ko lang, napakahirap i-balance ng family, family business, showbiz work, and, of course, girlfriend. Sa family kasi, umuwi ka or hindi, magpaalam ka or hindi mo matawagan, nandiyan lang sila, iintindihin pa rin nila at susuportahan ka. Pero siyempre, ang girlfriend, iba naman. Kapag nag-commit ka sa isang tao, you really have to call her, see her and you have to be with her. Siyempre, kapag hindi mo na nagagawa 'yon, nakakaawa rin 'yong tao."

    Mas lalo pa raw ngayon na may nakatakda siyang gawing tatlong pelikula sa Regal Entertainment. Isa na rito ang Now & Forever na alam ni John na pinakauna niyang gagawin. Nakatakda rin niyang gawin ang isang dance movie with Mark Herras at isang Metro Manila Film Festival entry.

    Bukod sa tatlong pelikula, kasama rin si John sa US concert tour ni Sarah Geronimo na Sarah Geroninmo in Motion, kung saan 12 states daw ang posible nilang puntahan from August to September. Nandiyan pa rin daw ang solo dance album na ginawa niya under Galaxy Records at posibleng ilabas na this July.

    Sabi ni John, "Siyempre ako, I feel it's unfair to her. Kahit sabihin kong ganoon talaga. Ang nangyayari kasi, kapag may free time, doon ko lang talaga siya napupuntahan. Pero sa eight months ng relationship naming dalawa, wala akong masasasabi sa kanya. She's mabait talaga."

    SHAINA MAGDAYAO. Aware din si John na sa break-up nila ni Miakka— lalo't hindi pa siya nagsalita noong una—na nadadawit ang pangalan ni Shaina Magdayao na sinasabing cause ng break-up nila.

    Pero mariing itinanggi ni John ang bagay na ito sa PEP.

    "With Shaina, sobrang nakakagulat talaga 'yong lumabas na isyu sa aming dalawa. Honestly, even before pa naman, close na talaga ko kay Shaina. 'Yong nangyari sa aming dalawa, parang nag-bonding lang kami ulit as friends. Pero 'yon ang masasabi kong purely friendship lang talaga," paliwanag niya.

    Kuwento pa niya, "Nang magkita nga kami ni Shaina kailan lang, siya pa 'yong nagsabi na, 'Kumusta naman ang isyu sa atin?' So, alam nyo 'yon, talagang wala. Of course, si Shaina, she's really pretty at ayokong magsalita ng tapos na wala talaga dahil hindi naman natin alam kung ano ang puwedeng mangyari sa future. But right now, we're friends, sobrang friends lang talaga.

    "Nagugulat din ako sa mga nasusulat na parang nanggugulo ako sa Shaina-Rayver [Cruz] loveteam. Parang, wow, saan ba nanggagaling 'yong mga 'yon? At saka especially now that I just came from a relationship, talagang wala muna, ayoko muna. Kahit date-date, wala kayong mababalitaan na nakaka-date ko ngayon. Mahirap for me na mag-focus sa relationship sa ngayon. Ako pa naman ang taong kapag in love, in love akong talaga. At least for now, focus ako sa work at mas less ang iniisip ko sa ibang bagay," mahabang pahayag ni John.
    PLAYBOY IMAGE. Nagkakaroon na si John ng bansag na playboy dahil sa dami ng girls na na-link sa kanya at sinasabing niligawan niya raw. Ano ang masasabi niya rito?

    "Ako, ito ang tanong ko diyan: Masama ba when you're single and you date? When you're single, it's okay to date kahit ilan pang babae. But when you commit yourself, stay foot," rason niya.
    "Eight months din kami ni Miakka, pero may nabalitaan ba kayong ibang babaeng na-link sa akin or nasabing niligawan ko pa? When I'm in love, I'm in love and I give my all like there's no tomorrow. If ever man na may break-up ako sa girlfriend ko, masisigurado kong it's not because of another girl.

    "Kung totoo 'yong sinasabi ng iba na playboy ako, e, di sana after naming mag-break, may girlfriend na ulit ako ngayon. Kaso, nakikita nyo naman, wala talaga," pagdidiin pa niya.

    RECONCILIATION? Sa huli, tinanong ng PEP si John kung may chance pa na magkabalikan sila ng dating girlfriend.

    "Ako kasi... Well, bahala na. Ganoon ako ngayon. Hindi ko pa naiisip ang bagay na 'yan. But I don't wanna say tapos na. Unang-una, you'll never know. Hindi natin alam kung ano ang posibleng mangyari in the future.

    "Pero kung anuman ang mangyari, I'm the type of artista na very open naman sa lahat kapag may nagiging girlfriend ako, may nagugustuhan ako or nililigawan. Kaya minsan, hindi ko maiwasang mainis kapag may nagsasabi na nagde-deny ako dahil hindi ako ganoon," panghuling pahayag ni John.

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    The Buzz: John Prats and Shaina Magdayao

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    ASAP: 06.03.07 Star Magic 15th Anniversary, Best Dancers

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    Homeboy: 05.31.07 Gayuma Day
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