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Have u ever wished 2 be a famous singer?



  • Yes. When I was a kid, I used to imitate Tom Jones. I'm just amazed that until now, he's still rocking and rolling and selling out concerts. Proves that you are never too old to rock and roll :)

    Right now though, I'd give anything just to have Eddie Vedder's or Michael Stipe's voice.
  • yes.... i wanted to be like lea salonga. i had her minus one tape pa... :D
    ako'y munting tinig!
  • didn't we all? me i love to sing...i love to dance while singing..and when i'm alone i act as if i'm in concert (i'm such a lunatic!) crazy.gif para kasing ang sarap maging singer eh :D

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  • yeeeyeee PExer
    ah no...
  • PEPS... hindi ka nag iisa... :D

    ako... parang gusto ko lead singer ng band..

    blush.gif (hiya na din ako)
  • blush.gif
    lagi ako kumakanta (or lip-synch) in front of the mirror with a brush (make-shift mic) in my hand! sheht JAHE, hahaha!
  • NibsNibs PExer
    Of course :). I think anybody would wish that they can be a famous singer. I would love that if I would bcome a famous singer, I would love the lifestyle and how people treat you, they will treat you big time, cool :)
  • osangosang PExer
    ako rin!!! kahit nga baliko yung voice ko, cge pa rin!!!! blush.gif kakahiya nga minsan eh!!!!
  • stephsteph PExer
    yes, yes, and yes!! :D
  • nowlnowl PExer
    I wish I could sing period lol.gif! I remember when I was a small kid that I pretended to be the lead singer of New Order... :cool:
  • It's enough that I know how to sing. I have never liked to be in the limelight. :)
  • uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    blue babe, ako rin! I have Lea Salonga's Ako'y Munting Tinig. Grabe, I'd fall asleep holding the microphone when I was a kid kakapractice kumanta. I swear I've memorized all her songs in that album. I even have an old 45 of one of her albums too. :D
  • I'm glad i'm not da only 1. :)

    Ksi ako ganon din mahilig kumanta at gusto ko ring maging famous singer someday as in like better that Whitney Houston or Christina Aguilera or Lea Salonga..hmm...kelan kaya?

  • uptowngirl: yep! i had that same album too. but i had the tape version. pang practice yung may boses ni lea, pang "perform" yun minus one... lol.gif

    for all you wanna be singers out there (like me) i recently saw one of those japanese recording contraptions in megamall where you can record your voice on tape or on cd. shyet! excited na ako!!!
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