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I wish Jim Morrisson was still alive... Just snagged a biography of Jim titled, "No One Gets Out of Here Alive." Critics say it's the most accurate biography of Jim's. Tragic life... But the poetry & music, man... galeng! goon.gif

"People are strange, when you're a stranger, faces look ugly, when you're alone..."


  • I just made a boo-boo! The title of the book pala is: "No One Here Gets Out Alive" by Jerry Hopkins. Pretty good read, you'll understand Morrisson better after reading the book.
  • my cousins love the doors nice to know other ppl like it too.

    "come on baby light my fire" hehe
    anyway thats it :D:D:D
  • bunnybunny PExer
    Skarla!!!! I guess I dont have to tell you how much I like the doors noh?! Jim Morrison looks like a Greek God!

    "Hello, I love you wont you tell me you name.."
  • My dad loved Jim Morrison sounded like ......

    wawom weywi wayt way wire ("Cmmon baby light my ......FIRE!!!")

    The DOORS are up there! Hail King Jim!!!

  • I've read in one of those conspiracy books that Jim Morisson is actually not dead. At least not on the date we know he died. I think there wasn't any SOLID evidence to prove that he really did die. And the corpse probably isn't his.

    /me plays The X-Files theme...
  • You have to watch the movie "The Doors" by Oliver Stone, Val Kilmer brilliantly portrays the legendary Jim Morrison. I have grown to respect and love Kilmer because of that film. I heard on Channel V news yesterday that there are talks of doing another Morrison film and word has it that the studio execs are thinking of casting Gavin Rossdale (Bush) to play the part. I think he is good-looking enough and can sing, but can he act?

    "This is the end, beautiful friend, this is the end, my only friend, the end..."
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