HELP: Fibroids and Granuloma


I have completed my medical employment abroad and they have found out that I have a "fibrosis on the upper right lobe and granuloma on the lower right lobe".

Then stamped on the medical questionnaire "FIT TO WORK". Im just scared because the doctor haven't explained to me what is this, and do i have to undergo another medical procedure.

What scares me is because of this my working permit might be denied. Please help, explain naman what is fibrosis and granuloma.

Thanks very much in advance.


  • LesLes Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Fibrosis is the formation of excess fibrous connective tissue, commonly after injury, or as a reaction, e.g. to foreign bodies. A granuloma is like fibrosis, composed of nodular inflammatory tissue, and is usually reactive in origin.

    If I had to venture the most likely origin, the fibrosis and granuloma are because you had tuberculosis (TB) in the past. The doctor probably cleared you because there were no signs of active TB in the x-ray. You can think of the fibrosis and granuloma as your "scars" from TB, and as such, they can actually persist for your lifetime.
  • LesLes Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Additional: I asked my radiology resident friend and he said that if the x-ray remains the same after 6 months, it's "stable" in the same way a scar is. Thus for your peace of mind have a repeat x-ray done in 6 months. Make sure you have give the old one to the radiologist who will interpret your new x-ray, so he will have a basis for comparison.
  • yhctimyhctim Member PExer
    Hi Les,

    Thank you very much for your valauable inputs. The problem is I never had a tuberculosis. We have an executive medical checkup annually and they have never called my attention regarding my xray results. I never had symptomps of TB, never lose weight for a fact.

    Would you know what are other cause sof these "scars", im just afraid that if this is for a lifetime, i might explained myself over and over again just to clarify my health conditions. Please help me to understand this.

    Looking forward for your reply. Thanks.
  • LesLes Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    yhctim, I think you have to consult a pulmonologist if you really want to get a good clarification of the problem. Beyond TB, I can't think of other common diseases that will account for both the fibrosis and the granuloma. Note that it's possible the pulmo will request further diagnostics, e.g. a CT scan, which is far more expensive than an x-ray.

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