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New Zealand Visa

meron na ba sa inyo ang nakapagtry na mag-apply for a visa in new zealand? kahit tourist, imigrant or working visa, how was it? mahirap ba like U.S imig.? or para ring schengen?


  • Filipinos intending to travel to New Zealand for any purpose must first obtain a visa. In general, Filipinos will need to get a visa for New Zealand if they wish to visit as tourists, work temporarily, have a working holiday, reside permanently, or study.

    General Requirements:
    1. Fully accomplished and duly signed appropriate visa application form for the intention of travel. Must be answered in the English language.
      • Visitor visa application form
      • Work visa application form
      • Student visa application form
    2. Fully accomplished and duly signed Supplementary Questionnaire to Accompany Application for Temporary Visa. Must be answered in the English language.
    3. Passport, valid for at least 3 months past the date of intended departure from New Zealand.
    4. 1 recent passport size photo.
    5. National Statistics Office-issued birth certificate and marriage certificate (if applicable).
    6. Applicants 17 years old and above intending to stay in New Zealand for 24 months must supply a police clearance certificate from the National Bureau of Investigation in the Philippines.
    7. Applicants intending to stay in New Zealand for more than 6 months: X-Ray for Tuberculosis screening completed by an approved INZ panel doctor. Pregnant women and children below 11 years old are exempted from this requirement.
    8. Application fee. Must be paid by bank draft made payable to “New Zealand Immigration Service”. Cash or credit card payments not accepted.

    For more information just go here: http://touringbuddy.com/visa-requirements-philippine-passport-holders-%E2%80%93-new-zealand/


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