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'Tis the season. Happy Holidays, PExers!

BRENDY : ang pinaka mabantot at cheap na love team

wendy : pbb2's ***** with a personality problem. she nags, she curse, she barfs, she sucks!

bruce : pbb2's stupid housemate. wendy's puppy

" come on guys, this loveteam is a piece of sh!t. there's nothing special about it. i dont believe that this will stand the test of time because people wont buy it. its just stupid "

........ if they make it to the big 4, i promise ill barf like wendy. :grrr: (tho i think its impossible ...hello...most hated housemates.... unless manipulated by abs-cbn :angry: )

please vote for wendy's ultimate nightmare : gee-ann ! also include beatriz! and mickey! (these 3 deserves it)


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