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SAM MILBY and TONI GONZAGA: The Prince and Princess of RP Movies (PART XV)


WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!! This thread is dedicated to Sam and Toni and the people who support them. The “Amboy” from Ohio, USA meets the “Sassy Girl” from Taytay, Philippines. It was in September 2005 when Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga’s paths crossed albeit briefly when he joined Pinoy Big Brother. Toni was there to welcome Sam as the new housemate. almost 2 months later on November 5, 2005 Toni was there again to greet Sam when he was “evicted” from the house. It was on that night when we saw the “sparks” fly. Who would’ve thought that this “Crush Ng Bayan” will finally find his “reason to smile” in the person of the “News Diva”, Ms. Toni Gonzaga? Love does move in mysterious ways and in the end there’s only one word to describe it...destiny. We don’t know what the future will bring for these two, but for now the future looks promising so let’s just enjoy the ride.

You are the one
that I've been searching for my whole life through
You are the one
that I've been looking for and now that i have found you
I'll never let you go, I'll hold you in my arms 'coz

I adored you
Though I never laid my hands on you
My eyes adored you (my eyes adore you).
Like you couldn’t see a million miles away
How I adored you
So close (so close),
so close and yet so far...

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We would like to thank all the people who somehow in someway contributed to the making of this new thread possible: SAMTINners, TINsters, SAMbuddies and Friends of Sam.

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    Sam Milby
    * 23 HOURS 59 MINUTES and 59 SECONDS on how often he thinks of Toni Gonzaga
    * Everytime I see her (Toni) I just can't help but smile
    * You’re the only person that can make me feel this special...this much love (message to Toni)
    * When I’m with you….I feel complete (message to Toni)
    * Malapit na... Babalik Na..
    * I'll go Wherever You Will Go Diba (Sam @ MOA)
    * Very Much... (in answering the question "How Much Do you Love Each Other (meaning SAMTIN)
    * Let's go to bed?
    * It's amazing to have her in my life ( MOA concert)
    * I never liked someone the way I liked TONI.(buzz interview-edit-out, but released sa tabloids after)
    * Don't worry Toni...you're still the special someone
    * Toni doesn't want me to go into too much details (about the status of their relationship; behind the scene interview of URD1 dvd version)
    * Why didn't she do mine? (Homeboy....Toni giving message to Jed Madela,being his angel)
    * No you are not beautiful....YOU ARE GORGEOUS
    * She's funny,she's smart,she's SEXY....AS IN SEXY (Homeboy)
    * When we get married, I'll buy you a car (Homeboy)
    * I love spending time with you (Homeboy)
    * SHE'S MY IDEAL GIRL! (The Buzz)
    * "LAHAT" (HB, when asked what he loves about Toni)
    * She's someone whom I can talk to about anything (The Buzz)
    * She knows all my secrets (CinemaNews)
    * I try to make her jealous, but she doesn't (MOA)
    * I was so nervous coming out of Big Brother's house, but when I saw Toni I wasn't nervous anymore (MOA)
    * I like my eyes because Toni does (Q&A Interview)
    * She's just amazing! (Persona)
    * Potential....TONI! (on who is the Ms. Universe ng buhay nya)
    * I like a girl who doesn't like to go out a lot because I'm a worry wart. I feel better knowing she's at home safely (Newspaper interview)
    * If God is the center of the relationship then it will work out
    * Mahal ko kayo,( to the fans sa MOA concert) PERO MAS MAHAL KO SIYA (pointing at Toni)
    * Kris: Miss mo sad ka? Sam: YAH! I do, I really do, I really do (the buzz: 8/27/06)
    * I've been trying to call you kanina why didn't you answer your phone ha? ano ba yan? joke, then smiling...
    * Toni, thank you, I miss you na ha!!
    * Do i love toni? no, i do love toni, i do, i do... YES!!!
    * I miss you! (Dbuzz)
    * Kung move ka ibang country im going with you. i'll go wherever you will go noh!
    * She's always there whenever you need her.. she's very loving and caring
    * Everyone knows that she's my longtime crush (URD1 BTS)
    * We're very very close (The Sharon Cuneta Show)
    * I asked her if I could court her before.... (The Buzz)
    * I always love working with Toni (The Buzz)
    * Toni, You are the one....because you are just beautiful on the inside and on the outside. I know that you are definitely someone that I can always go to if I ever have any problems 'coz I know you'll always be there for me. Don't change 'coz we all love you exactly the way I do (Sam's birthday message to Toni sa Wzzup)
    * Toni, if there's one thing about your face I like looking at, it's your jawline.. :lol: (then he goes on to say) totoo, your eyes.. (Homeboy 2/27/07)
    * Toni, whenever you laugh, I feel like.. I don't know, complete happiness.. (Homeboy)
    * Toni, if you're a delicious yummy dish, you'd be strawberry cheesecake, kasi paborito ko.. (Homeboy)
    * Yours is tiramisu! (when Toni said that strawberry cheesecake was her favorite, Sam corrects her and says that her favorite is tiramisu because she always orders it.. -- Homeboy)
    * Toni, tell me the truth.. THE TRUTH HA! Do you still feel anything for me? (Homeboy)
    * I already admitted last year that I did fall in love with Toni already.. (Homeboy)
    * No, nothing happened.. after URD1 we never got to see each other, it was mainly time I think that.. (when Boy Abunda asked him what happened to that love last year)
    * I'm not saying na hindi pwede, hopefully.. we're both busy right now.. I think MAYBE AFTERWARDS? TONI? (When asked if he was gonna continue on pursuing that love..:love:)
    * PLEASE don't break her heart. Whatever and whoever makes her happy would make me happy. (Blog, on Toni's rumored suitor)
    * I wish her all the best..for everything. She has really touched me so much. I just want her to be happy. (interview after the GMMSF Awards Night 2007)

    Toni Gonzaga
    * Take care!...Coz I care!...(Sharon Cuneta Show)
    * Yes!...I would mind...(Dbuzz interview)
    * You make me happy, you make me feel beautiful all the time. Thank you for the wonderful friendship that we have...(Dbuzz interview)
    * Without you...I am LOST (Wazzup Wazzup)
    * What's not to like about the guy, di ba? everything, everything na nakikita mo physically with sam. he's very ano, uhmm, appealing and very charming. very lovable (Blog)
    * You're Still The One.. (Promoting URD1)
    * There's no When.. I Like You (asked When does she like sam)
    * I Hope So.. Sana (When asked if she's in love and if she sees Sam as the guy whom she would spend the rest of her life with)
    * I love you too..but I love him more eh..(MOA)
    * Sino mahal mo?.. [Sam: Ikaw].. Ahh akala ko iba sinabi mo eh (MOA)
    * Falling in love.. even if it's at the wrong place at the wrong time.. if u know that's the right person u'll forget all of it.. (BTS of URD1)
    * Thank you for showing me the REAL SAM (Homeboy)
    * Kahit na pagod na pagod kami dahil sa work kapag magkasama na kami nawawala pagod namin kasi we have so much fun (Homeboy)
    * Dati nahihiya siya sa akin pero ngayon hindi na. makulit na siya...sumobra naman (Homeboy)
    * There's always this eagerness to know what is going on with each other's lives (The Buzz)
    * I like a guy who is mysterious and God-fearing
    * Syempre hindi ko sa iyo pakita na selos ako. I just keep it to myself
    * You are a good person with a beautiful heart
    * Kris: Toni nami-miss ka ni sam, do you miss him? Toni: OPO (The buzz: 8/27/06)
    * Kuya boy: Kamusta na kayong dalawa? Toni: Mas mabuti kesa sa dati kasi we're more comfortable with each other and he can make more stupid around me.
    * He is the best person to turn to.. kapag wala ka sa mood.. he can always get me in the mood
    * Are you the one?.. Yes, he's the one..
    * Walang selosan na nagaganap.. it's all work..walang dahilan para mag-away kami about someone..(about the denise issue)
    * Pero we like each other.. MU na ba yon? (on the Buzz)
    * Pumunta ka sa bahay and I'll tell [answer] you right away! (The Buzz)
    * I love your...SMILE! (The Buzz)
    * I've been wanting to do this...I wanna hug(eviction night of sam)
    * Kiss?ok...i don't mind,do you mind?(eviction night of sam)
    * [Sam: I've dated a couple of girls here in the Philippines..but nothing serious, though.] Toni: 'Coz you haven't dated me yet.:bashful: (transition from "PBB on Studio23" to "Wazzup2x", a few days after Sam got evicted.)
    * Hindi po sya makulimlim....maaliwalas po sya (referring to her relationship with Sam in HB)
    * I've always believed in his talent. I'm looking forward to watching him give a speech someday in an award for Best Actor (The Buzz)
    * I have no reason to be jealous ( The Buzz)
    * Huwag bigyan ng malisya kung ano man meron sila (Sam at Anne). I don't think I have to react kasi IT'S WORK eh (The Buzz referring to the the kissing scene)
    * Magpapractice muna ako. (The Buzz on the having a kissing scene with Sam)
    * You're not just cute, you're handsome.. (When Sam asked him if she thought he was cute enough for her -- Homeboy 2/27/07)
    * Yes.. (When Sam asked her if she still feels something for him -- Homeboy)
    * To Sam! Thank you for being an inspiration while [we're] doing the movie. (acceptance speech for the Princess of RP Movies Award)
    * UNDYING LOVE & CONCERN.. eh kasi hindi pa ako nakakapunta ng mall eh.. I will always wish him the best because he deserves it.. (Toni's gift & wish for Sam on his birthday -- Buzz Express 05/27/07)



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    4. gustoko_cla - Val
    5. sofia.passerby - Iris
    6. sam_cee_ever! - Lovely
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    11. khristinny - Tintin
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    13. terkzkie29 - Jer
    14. cacci7 - Cindy
    15. 143637 - Eliz
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    18. bheng_lyka - Ivy
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    20. vicjo - Vicky
    21. intl - Vi
    22. wafergirl - Rhea
    23. samtinspcl - Pixie
    24. ace_love - Grace
    25. sha_jora - Chacha
    26. raki086 - Raqs
    27. sephmelforever - Samantha /Sam
    28. allianeadikz - Yane
    29. zigzag1223 - Zigzag
    30. sambuddy dengel - Avvie
    31. marykhrisna - Khrisna
    32. lovely jm2 - Jane Marie
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