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Luini: Luis Manzano & Toni Gonzaga: "Friendship, Love, Time & Faith" {Part VII}

Luinis! Our 7th thread! Welcoming EVERYONE! :wave:



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LUINISITIS -- a very dangerous disease caused by kiligness in a maximum level wherein luis manzano and toni gonzaga are involved.

you have this disease if...

- Kinikilig ka sa kanila
- mahilig ka gumawa ng fanarts nila
- mahilig ka gumawa ng kanta for them (sino 'to? haha)
- you're fond of making videos
- nababanas ka sa mga naninira sa kanila
- picture mo sa avatar ng ym mo, picture ni luis and tin together (parang kilala ko 'to?)
- mahilig kang maglipat ng pictures from the luister thread to sassy or luini thread a.k.a. LIPAT QUEEN (hirap namang hulaan 'to! haha)
- masipag kang magpost ng article about them
- nageespanyol ka kahit di ka naman marunong
- You compared them to LOIS and CLARK
- Nagtatatalon ka sa kilig whenever Luis posts their sweet moments ni tin

Source: DOH (Dept. Of Happy-go-LuckyTin)



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