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Darla! Darla! Darla!

As far as I'm concerned, Forget Buffy as Angel's Loved One..
No Matter how evil Darla is, Angel and her are perfect for each other.. The way that Josh Whedon and the writing staff are developing her character and Angel's relationship with her, this is definitely a great formula for the shows success! May she become a permanent cast member!!!!

As for the actress that plays Darla, Julie Benz, you rock my world!! ;) You were awesome in Roswell and you're even more awesome in Angel!


  • Palabas na ba ang Angel sa Pilipinas?
  • I don't know.. I thought that it was already..

    It's season 2 here in the US already and it's even better than season 1
  • f0r5aK3n: she was Topolsky is Roswell right? i remember seeing one episode of Buffy with her in it...it was like in a flashback and she was wearing period stuff...is she still wearing period stuff on Angel or modernized na yung look niya? in case your wondering why wala masyadong nag-rereply, that's 'coz Angel isn't here yet, kaya not everyone knows what it is and who Darla is...

  • hde pa showing Angel dito eh. :(


  • homebuddy: yep.. that's her. Agent Topolsky.. what do you think of her??

    yes... she's in most of the flashbacks.. and yes, she's in Modern LA as well... it's a very interesting situation how she got there...

    WagKangMakulit: hey you.. :) *Hugz* dang. too bad it's not there yet.. it's a great series.. I thought at first it wouldn't be very good after watching the first few episodes of season 1.. but SEASON 2 is way way way good!!!!!
  • nah.. i don't like Darla! I still like Buffy for Angel.

    Buffy and Angel forever!!!! :D
  • Syempre LiaNN you'd say that ;)

    f0r5aK3n :bop: read Winter's Heart yet? Dami mong appearance don :D
  • talaga??? wala akong natanggap ni isa!

    para medyo asa topic naman ako, ang unang naisip ko nung nabasa ko Darla Darla Darla! ay yong babaeng cartoon character sa mtv... mali pala
  • Moiraine: hehehee.. yah, after I wrote the topic, i sorta knew that ppl might think that... ;) do u watch Buffy or Angel????
  • akala ko si darla ung kalove team ni alfalfa! i ba pla! pero cute ung batang un db? hehehehe hey!pano nyo nadidikit yong character na gumagala???
  • f0r5aK3n I watched several episodes of Buffy before, pero di na ngayon. I liked it just fine pero di ko naaabangan e.

    ChRisTiN3 anong character na gumagala? and yes ang cute nung Darla sa Little Rascals! Have you seen Paulie? Ang cute din nung girl don, ang galing umarte!
  • Moiraine: mas cute ka.. hehehe.. =P~~~ anyway.. I miss u!! it's been ages....
  • Angel not showing there in the Phils yet?? not even on Cable???

    man, the last episode with Darla, Angel and Drusilla was just awesome!!!!!!!!
  • aight.. Season 3 of Angel! muhehehe.. Darla is still the best character in the show! There is this really wacked twist on the show that is so out of this world!!

    anywayz, back to the topic... any more fans of Darla?
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