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Naming some of Mapua's buildings/seminar rooms after Yuchengco's family

AleanceloAleancelo guapo PEx Expert 🎖️
Since Mapua is now under the control of Alfonso Yuchengco's Malayan group, are you in favor if some of its buildings and seminar rooms would be named after a Yuchengco family member? Or are you in favor of a Yuchengco monument in your campus? At DLSU (where Yuchengco is a generous alumnus), a building is named after his father. An auditorium is named after his late wife.


  • as long as it won't affect our curriculum. hahaha.
  • Hahahahaha! :lol:

    Seriously, why not? After all, it's his!
    However, D.T. Mapua has made a great legacy that "unnaming" the buildings of Mapua Tech is disrespect of its founder.

    Perhaps the Malayan U in Laguna or the for-the-elite high school of Science in Otis can be named after Alfonso.
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  • eladkram29eladkram29 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I'm in favor naman dyan. kasi it is only the name of the rooms. Tama lang gawin un ng mga Yuchengco's because they bought it already and they can do everything.
  • lordhadeslordhades PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Go lang sa rooms names... huwag lang sa school name lol :bop:
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