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Have you seen the new Lift commercials?

Thought it was really funny.
Especially the "Nag-move to the Lift" version.


  • I've only seen one & it was funny.
    It showed 2 Lift bottles na magkadikit moving around each other. Voice Over: Uuuuuy, Lift to Lift :lol:
  • diva_queendiva_queen Member PExer
    Guys, the Lift commercials are totally cool! I've seen two: one was the a la Matrix and the other one was the guy rubbing the Lift bottle to his face and then sabi nya: Face Lift.

    Hahahahaha!!! :lol: I like!
  • yehveybey_14_gsmbyehveybey_14_gsmb *represent!* PExer
    YES! i already saw the Lift commercials...and i love it! it's so hilarious and cute at the same time...mas lalo na yun LIFT TO LIFT and FACE LIFT! sobrang kakatawa!:D kengkoy kasi yung guy eh!:crazy:

    Ciao baby:angel:
  • SoliduS_AlphASoliduS_AlphA Abusayafsucks! PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ok naman yung lift commercials ah ?
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT Unregistered PExer

    wala pa akong napapanood na lift commercials, pano kse tuwing commercial nililipat ko ang channel, nakakairita kse manood ng commercial. sige, aabangan ko yun.


  • yojimboyojimbo Member PExer
    It's not really funny. Parang pilit ang patawa.
    Medyo contrived-baga.
  • !kULaSa!!kULaSa! Pain in the A** PExer
    As my little brother told me, funny and fun yung little jokes ng Lift! Now we have Lift cans in our fridge!!! :D

    Ako'y na-flip!!!!

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