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Ano ang memorable na exchange gift na natanggap nyo?

Ka_PuroyKa_Puroy Tao ba ako, Inay? PExer
dati nung nasa grade school ako, madalas kong matanggap ay pretzels, naalala ko, mula grade 2-5 puro pretzels ang natanggap ko...

sa high school, carter brief, lokal pa...



  • StJamesStJames pong! PExer
    pang isis ng inidoro, something long daw eh :D
  • - Caligirl -- Caligirl - semi-retired PExer
    In high school, I got a candle in a pink heart-shaped ceramic glass holder... Cute sana but the wax inside was lopsided and full of dust! It looked like it was used and the person just grabbed it from the shelf. :lol:
  • Vain69Vain69 Member PExer
    wala akong matandaan... kya wala akong memorable na exchange gift...heheh
  • Sensitive16Sensitive16 Member PExer
    i remember this one christmas when my friends and i agreed to have kriskringle. syempre, the usual something big, something blue, something soft at kung anu-ano pang something-something ang mga gifts namin every friday. Then sa revelation day, we decided to give a something-special gift.

    i received a book. its about the life story of a saint.

    why was it special?

    firstly, the giver is a special person to me. Eto pa lang enough reason na para maging special yung gift eh, pero there's more...

    kasi, together with the book, there is a letter, a sort of explanation letter why he finds it special. Sabi nya, that saint daw one of his favorite saints and he wants to share it with me. touch ako...

    finally, when i read the book, i was moved by the simplicity of the saint and realized the beauty of offering simple things to Jesus.

    together with my friendship with that special person, i treasured that gift and the memory a lot.
  • yehveybey_14_gsmbyehveybey_14_gsmb *represent!* PExer
    Cruisin na CD, my boy classmate gave that to me last years x'mas party. galing! kaya to you Aaron...salamat hah?! :*)

    Ciao babyyy!:angel:

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