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Cibo [Merged]

pupunta kasi kami for lunch, sa may Shangrila na CIBO. Nababasa ko dito sa pex yung tiramisu, ano pa bang masarap dun? at how much will we have to shell out? Recommendations anybody?



  • TELEFONO---sarap nun!! penne pasta...tapos...i dunno, but it's good...i luv it...i wish it was cheaper though
  • tried the tiramisu at CIBO, Shang dati...sarap!!!!! Cost me 80 bucks ata or 120...nakalimutan ko na e....try mo sarap!
  • CIBO at G4 is my fave casual resto! :love: sarap their mint iced tea...try the shrimp sandwhich and their shrimp pasta too..basta its all good there!
  • hay salamat Pexers - Spamkin, tinyet, PePs and pixydust.

    PePs: I think I'll have that seafood salad and tomato soup, o di ba healthy eater daw ako.

    Hehe, tapos kapag kulang I'll have the shrimp pasta, sarap.

  • almost everything you order there is really good....

    i like that flat bread with anchovies and olive oil...i also like their 'carbonarra' pasta thingy(which they don't call carbonarra)..i LOVE their tiramisu as well..

    YUM :)
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    the strawberry shake. :yum: the best. walang tatalo. it's only 80 bucks ata. made from real fresh strawberries!

    pag food naman..ok lang..ndi kasi ako masyado mahilig sa pasta e. pero yung may squid ink masarap naman. puwede na.
  • trinity, you're right almost all the food we ordered we liked.

    that salad you recommended PePs, was sooo good! kaso andali ko talagang mabusog, buti na lang we shared the salad and had different pasta dishes. sarap din nung bread that came with it but I only ate a little of the bread para maubos ko yung pasta ko. the iced tea was okay although a bit large for me, no room for dessert kaya did not try the tiramisu. tsaka isa pa, tiramisu was 120, woh!

    plan to go back.

    thanks guys, ang saya namin sarap kasi ng kain eh.
  • I just had dinner there tonight. :) My all-time favorite is the pasta Marinaio. The panini with the pate, mozzarella and mushrooms is also terrific (I forgot what it's called). Tiramisu's fantastic. The spinach dip is also great.
  • i love cibo!! ok yung spinach dip nila wid bread and farfalle ala genovese hehehe ok yon! yung ribbon like pasta yum! heheh :yum:
  • damn i forgot the name of the dish i ate yesterday...hmmm...basta, it has lotsa shrimps in it!!!! :yum: cream sauce with fresh tomatoes...:yum: and the foccacio bread!!!! puuurfect!!!! :yum:

  • Yung sardine na pasta at sandwich!=) Telefono is also good!
  • their al nero -- i think that's what they call their squid ink pasta -- is good, if you're on the adventurous side.

    pasta magnifico is good, too, and their pasta genovese.

    try their squash soup! super good!
    tiramisu...dunno how much
    spinach dip
    panin vegeta;i
    marami pa!!!
  • this spread stuff that u put on melba toast its like mushroom and parma ham wid cheese...yummy!!!!and the orange juice with mint is good too...anf\d the steak something with garlic and rosemary yuuuuuummmmyyyyy
  • I love their pesto pasta there :yum:
  • :yum: yummy tiramisu! :yum:
    and the pacifica salad w/ the palm heart shavings & i think it's w/ pecorino romano.. yuumm! try the squid ink pasta too :*)
    chaka iced tea nila sawap din :):):)

  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    Their portions are too small though. But everyone seems to like it.
  • I love their Tiramisu and the squash soup smiley82.gifSo good...

    The spinach dips not bat either :angel:

  • hay nako kung sa serving size lang. ang konti talaga no!
  • Originally posted by BadGiRL
    the strawberry shake. :yum: the best. walang tatalo. it's only 80 bucks ata. made from real fresh strawberries!
    Oh yeah, the strawberry shake! Yum!

    My personal fave, the lamb panini thingie with the alfafa sprouts! :drool:
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