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Youths and Suicide

^rue^^rue^ Member PExer
hey peeps!
just wanna know your insights, experiences (if any), points of view...etc. about why young people today are committing suicide? You may cite reasons/causes as to why they kill themselves at such a young age...


  • brownpaubrownpau Member PExer
    This topic is more for Local and Foreign Issues, but I think it might get swamped in the activism. I'll give it a more specific title and move it to Buhay Pinoy instead. OK lang, rue? :)
  • dee-deedee-dee LORD PExer some sort of a barometer din kasi sa mga pressures na nangyayari sa isang place...

    i don't know why at bakit i'm kinda suicidal right now. i guess the political climate has something to do with it. if's one of the factors...
  • spidermanspiderman Member PExer
    Actually, I have two friends who committed suicide within this year. What is funny there coz two of them are psych student and psych graduate. I guess, drugs has something to do with it and the lack of support of the family, as well. Anyway, both of them has a family problem. Drugs triggered them to commit such crime coz when you take drugs depression and so many problems comes in.
  • ^rue^^rue^ Member PExer
    hey brownpau ok lang! there are other threads about suicide din naman sa other forum. =)

    spiderman um..., did your friends show any signs of committing suicide before they did it? Just curious on how one cud detect someone who has suicidal tendencies. Did you notice anything strange about them? =)
  • spidermanspiderman Member PExer
    They just smoke heavily after compalining about their problems, they drink a lot also. And they are starting to tell you that they have the plans of committing suicide if the blah blah blah will not be like this or like that. basta, they becomes aloof after that. They are very silent type of person that even a single comment would not dare to come out from their mouth
  • 11# UST_guard'9811# UST_guard'98 Camp Lejeune PExer
  • QuentinQuentin Montejo PExer
    ako, i planned on suicide din when i was in highschool.

    in my case, it is disappointment. not being able to live up to an expectation.
  • spidermanspiderman Member PExer
    It's really frightening hearing those people who commits suicide. Me, when I've heard that these friends of mine did such crime i felt so guilty to think that these two are my very best of friends. Right now i haven't visited this guy friend of mine who tangled himself. I don't want to be blame because his parents always saw me hanging out in there place. I've heard from one of our friend that he's now useless. Maybe because of the oxygen deprivation.
  • ingenuesjoningenuesjon du hast PExer
    i've tried it na i think thrice na

    1st try i tried to over dose my self with the diet pills of my mom.

    2nd i choked myself

    3rd i treid to slash my pulse (men it does hurt, so dont try it na lng magsleeping pills na lng kyo . . . heheheeh)
  • spidermanspiderman Member PExer
    Life is so beautiful! Why should we end up our life? Life is a challenge and if we kill ourselves it's just a form of giving in. We should fight 'till the end. We should be a winner always.
  • ^rue^^rue^ Member PExer
    hi! sorry ngayon lang ako naka-post!!!

    neway, I was quite shocked na ppl posting here had really tried to "do" it. I'm writing this paper and just wanna ask if it's okay with you guys if I can get some information from your experiences. Please!!!

    Anyway, honestly, I tried it too. But not as 'severe' as ingenuesjon and spiderman's friends did. Just cut myself in the wrist but not actually hitting a vein. My reason? It's kinda related with not living up to expectations and depression (just like Quentin and 11# UST_guard'98 )

    Hope you guys could help! =) Tnx!
  • Denise`Denise` Member PExer
    hmm... i think it's because there's just a lot more things to be depressed about nowadays... parents have to work to keep a home and a lot of problems spring out from that... the huge gap between adults and children is also one reason why a lot of young people feel depressed... and i guess this problem can also be rooted to the lifestyle that we keep nowadays which emphasizes on comfort and shortcuts... most young people just prefer the easy way out...
  • ^rue^^rue^ Member PExer
    Hey guys do you believe in the 'right to die'? Forget about euthanasia, just focus on suicide ok? :)What do you think?
  • ^rue^^rue^ Member PExer
    feefs! post naman kayo, i need answers eh! :)
  • spidermanspiderman Member PExer
    No. Because when we are sick specially when dreaded, we are depressed and when we are depressed we have the suicidal tendency. It means that how about during lucid interval of that depression you able to think that I have still few days to live and I still have the time to help the people live better like I did, and it happened that you were allowed to drink a bottle of sleepings pills or poison. See, so it should not be allowed.
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    ^rue^, there's a similar thread about suicide in the Realm of Thought forum. I'm going to move your thread there soon, ok? Just want you to read this message first before I move it. Thanks. :)

    Here's the link: ur thought on suicide!

  • ^rue^^rue^ Member PExer
    hey caramba! i dnt think it would be a good idea if ur planning to post it on brownpau's realm. he moved this thread na here e from his forum. =)
  • brownpaubrownpau Member PExer
    Caramba - I moved it here because rue started out the thread by asking for anecdotal replies rather than philosophical/ideological responses. So I thought it might be better off in the Buhay Pinoy forum.

    That okay with you?
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    brownpau, I didn't think he was asking for anecdotal responses since I concentrated on the word "insight". I'll leave it here then. :)
  • brownpaubrownpau Member PExer
    If it starts getting really philosophical, feel free to move it back. :)

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